By: Christy Diaz

With the average dress size in the United States being a 14, retailers are increasingly stocking their stores with designer plus size clothing. Knowing how to weed through the styles to choose what's best for you isn't always easy. Follow these easy tips the next time you're shopping for designer plus size clothing, and you will have the wardrobe of a fashion pro instead of a fashion victim.

1. Avoid stretchy fabrics like polyester and spandex, except in your undergarments. The most flattering plus size clothing is tailored and in fabrics like wool, silk, and cotton.

2. Leave the cropped shirts on the rack. It may be the current fad, but exposed tummies are never stylish.

3. Dress in a monochromatic style. One of the best ways to look long and lean is to dress head to toe in one color.

4. Ditch the bulky turtleneck sweaters. Chunky sweaters don't cover flab, they simply make you look larger. A lambswool or cashmere v-neck is a much better option.

5. Look for colorful accessories. Fun jewelry, handbags, and scarves in bright colors can focus the eye away from bulges.

6. Don't wear opaque or patterned hose that will make calves look much larger.

7. Say no to frills and ruffles. Who needs the fuss or extra volume?

8. Try flat front pants or trousers that sit on the hips. Pleated fronts and high waists can make tummies, hips and thighs look much larger than they are.

9. Choose fun skirts instead of shorts or cropped pants. Skirts add length while short pants can make you look stubby.

10. Peacoats and dusters work wonders in covering those less-than-flattering middle section areas while adding loads of style.

11. Play up your curves. Scoop neck t-shirts, camisoles, and deep v-neck sweaters work well under jackets and play up sexy cleavage.

12. Do buy the best undergarments that you can afford. Look for Lycra in body shapers, tummy-control briefs, and bras that will keep you from jiggling.

13. Find a brand that works well with your body shape and stick with it. There is no need to recreate the wheel every time you shop. Stay loyal to a designer who cuts clothing in your body type.

14. A good tailor can be a godsend. It's rare to find a pair of trousers or a blazer that fits perfectly off the rack. A talented tailor can fit your clothing customized to your body.

15. Take good care of your investment clothing. Yes, designer clothing is more expensive, so, treat it with care. Use good quality hangers. Fold sweaters and tees carefully. Follow the garments' cleaning instructions carefully.

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