Jyoti Cotspin Ltd was established in 2006 by Madan Singla, its chairman and managing director. This open end unit manufacturing 100% cotton yarn started with 960 rotors and now has grown to 2240 rotors. The mill is located at Samana, one of the biggest cotton yarn producing regions in India. Jyoti Cotspin's emphasis is on carded yarn in the count range from Ne 10s to Ne 28s. Jyoti Cotspin has always tried to produce the best quality yarn as per the needs of its customers. Therefore, today the company is recognised as one that produces top quality cotton yarns meeting the needs of the international market.

Jyoti Cotspin is equipped with latest machinery from Truetzschler - it has two blow-room lines and 24 Truetzschler cards including 6 cards with IDF2 technology. Singla is very happy with the IDF (Integrated Draw Frame) technology as it couples the drawing process with the card itself, thereby eliminating the need for one passage of the sliver through draw frames. He highlights the fact that process elimination is an excellent way to earn money; not only does it reduce investment, it also saves operating costs. The space saving in itself is a major advantage as the first passage breaker draw-frames are totally eliminated. He is also happy about the advantages of IDFs in terms of quality and efficiency.

With IDF2, Truetzschler has combined the compactness of a simple drafting system with the performance of an auto-leveller draw frame. The important features include:

  •       Maintenance-free, digitally controlled servo drives

  • High levelling dynamics through low mass

  • Draft up to 200% (2-fold)

  • Delivery speeds up to 700 m/min

  • Trouble-free can changing

  • Truetzschler quality sensors in the feed and delivery area

  • Permanent monitoring of sliver quality

Advantages of IDFs cards are:

  • Improved yarn quality and product quality

  • Improved running behaviour of the rotor spinning machines

  • Significantly reduced space requirement

  • Savings in energy costs, less cans

  • Reduced personnel requirement

Everything important about the IDF2 is summarised by Singla in a single sentence - "Never before has a fully-fledged leveller draw frame been more compact!"