ITMA Asia CITME 2018 was held during October 15-19 at the new National Exhibition Convention Centre (NECC) in Shanghai. The event is one of the well-known global textile machinery exhibitions and is held in China every alternate year.

Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) participated and displayed its industry leading range of machines including Card LC636, Drawframe LDF3, Comber LK69 machines and SpinPact - the suction compact system. There were also live demonstrations of the company's technology platform for its leading range of textile machines - SpinConnect, along with display of the entire range of LMW components for the spinning industry.

LMW's Comber LK69 and Drawframe LDF3 were demonstrated at 600 Nips per minute and at 550 Mpm respectively for cotton-combed process. The SpinConnect was displayed with live data from one of LMW's premier customer in China to whom LMW supplied its machines.

LMW's display of key components included spindles, compact retrofit models, YBS and RSM models, rings, fluted rollers, cots and aprons. Also, other key components like speedframe, comber, drawframe and carding machines were also put on display for customers to interact in depth with the LMW's team.

New features galore

At ITMA Asia '18, LMW brought to the forefront, new features that have been incorporated in LMW Comber LK69 machine: servo drives for drafting, which enables main draft adjustments through digital display, and a hank correction facility that helps achieve better CV%. The comber machine on display was fitted with an inverter controlled main motor that enables effortless change of machine speeds through the display facility itself.

LMW Drawframe LDF3 displayed two new features. A separate drive for coiler, which helps in better coiling and self-adjustment of coiling speed to suit the filling type. Fan motors with inverter help achieve effective and optimum suction for different process. Even the aesthetically re-designed doors and covers of LDF3 drew wide appreciation from the visitors.

LMW's Card LC636 with 1.5 metres of working width for maximum utilisation, and SpinConnect integration received great appreciation at the event. The new age manufacturing yields top-in-line quality and improved precision for long lasting value.

Great feedback, a testimony to quality and service

ITMA Asia '18 that concluded on October 19 was a platform via which LMW showcased its capabilities and in turn was able to reach out to a wider customer base in one of the biggest textile manufacturing regions of the world, China. The visitors were from various countries including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal and several African and Latin American countries. Overall, the reception was overwhelmingly positive, with a bright future in sight towards the company's further expansion in China, and other emerging markets.


Digital solutions in textile machinery considerably extends the production possibilities and enhances the production processes. LMW's latest offerings in advanced automation capabilities and digitisation were well-received by the industry visitors. Substantial praise from the visitors was registered towards LMW's range of machines that were on display. The clarity and purposeful demonstrations won the hearts of the listeners, resulting in more enquiries for the products from customers who came from top textile manufacturing hubs of the world.

More than 1,700 exhibitors from 28 countries participated in the sixth edition of the event held biannually since 2008. The 5-day event saw engaging discussions and cross-pollination of ideas among industry players, who showed increasing interest towards including technology in their future leaps. LMW is delighted to have reached out to newer horizons, as the company marches forward to a bold, connected future.