The apparel industry has always made great effort to improve our garments, and the latest advancements in apparel and wearable technology have gone as far as altering how we interact with others and our bodies, experience our surroundings, thus giving the world of fashion a whole new meaning.

"Technology is really sexy!", said Stella McCartney at last year's Vogue Forces of Fashion Conference. "The younger generations have different expectations. We must approach it in a different way if we want to have a business tomorrow," she added.

Speaking about sustainable fashion, Stella was pointing to the need of updating the industry's wasteful, toxic and polluting manufacturing methods. To her, the use of innovative technology in fashion has become more than just a choice but an imperative.

From the use of biology and wearable technology to create innovative garments to the use of AI and mixed reality, here is a selection of ten tech advancements in the fashion landscape.

The innovations are set to either push the scene on a more sustainable route, to bestow the consumers with a new digital self-adorned with digital fashion garments or, the see the AI as the next fashion designer.

1.  Future Of Fashion - 'One Size Fits All' To Reduce Consumption

Called adaptive clothing, Ryan Jasin's fashion creation 'grows' at the same time with the wearer, up to seven sizes.

Ryan's innovative pattern consists of lightweight pleated fabric, making the garments are 'play-proof', machine-washable and most important, fully recyclable.

2.  Future Of Fashion - Shape/Functionality Changing Apparel

A creation of Royal College of Fashion, this shape-changing apparel can be used as a shelter.

The original idea targeted refugees given their inability to carry around their belongings while travelling thousands of miles.