Weddings are special across all cultures. All love to celebrate functions related to a wedding as per their social and religious customs. When it comes to spending on weddings, Indians lead. Indian weddings comprise several functions, and the celebrations continue for a week. A major focus is the wedding attire, which is always indutvas or ethnicwear. The Indian wedding industry, worth more than $12 billion now, has grown immensely in the last few decades, offering several opportunities and challenges for indutva designers and manufacturers in the country.


A great boom in the wedding attire business: Most brides and grooms focus on their wedding dress. They need to look different, elegant and unique. To garner greater appreciation, they look for sassy attires. The trend today is of designer dresses. More than ten million weddings are held every day in India, implying a high demand for traditional wedding attire. There is no recession as people tend to buy designer attire at expensive prices.

Several options for sellers: Several religions, traditions and customs in India throw up ample opportunity for wedding dress designers. Such dresses include saree, lehenga, sharara for brides and kurta, pajama, dhoti, turbans of different styles for grooms. Hence, there is a wide market.

Online shopping opportunity: E-commerce has expanded the market for apparel buyers, who prefer mobile and other devices to shop online.


Hurdles in this field faced by most retailers and suppliers include:

1.       Inefficient and delayed delivery of products

2.      No rotation of stock leads to outdated stock

3.      A high percentage of customer initiated returns (CIR)

4.      The high cost of reverse logistics

5.      Managing offline and multi-channel sale

6.      Ineffective use of stocks

7.      Seamless management of cancellations and returns

In spite of all challenges in the indutvas market, the wedding industry is a money grosser. If you design Indian wedding dresses, you should not stick to one custom. Always aim for all varieties and states. Do not ignore fashion and modern trends. The fusion of modernism with traditional attire gives a boost to any fashion designer. A key reason behind the wedding attire industry boom is the growing fashion awareness among people. Who does not wish to stand out in a crowd?