The turn of the year signals the coming of new trends and saying goodbye to old ones. For the fashion forward and the fashion conscious, it is a glorious time to reinvent their looks. For us mere mortals, it just signals yet another wardrobe inventory. But before you fully empty your closet, keep in mind that luxury fashion brands like Balenciaga hardly ever goes out of style—most especially if they are classic pieces. So, while you hold on to these gems, here’s a list of the stuff that definitely needs to go.

1.  Butt-Ripped Jeans

Made popular by Kylie Jenner, thanks to that Instagram post of her peeping derri�re. Now, if you have this in your closet, it’s a good time to ask yourself why and then bin it.

2.  Teeny-Framed Sunglasses

You might be feeling like a rock star when wearing one, but you’re not doing your eyes any favor. Aside from getting little coverage against UV rays and sun glare, these glasses are unflattering to most face shape. So, unless you live in the Matrix, get proper sunglasses!

3.  Biker Shorts

Why we fell for it in the first place, we can never tell. The only thing we know now is, it shouldn’t have happened at all!

4.   Small Handbag

It's hard to tell. Kudos to the ladies who can go out and carry a small bag that can only fit a gum. But because it’s non-functional, it’s just another waste of space in that closet.

5.  Transparent Plastic Shoes

Congratulations, you have just exposed every foot imperfection on display with this trend. Not to mention its hazard to safety as it gets slippery when your feet sweat. Please have mercy to the public and lay them shoes to rest.

Although celebrities may still be sporting these trends, let’s not jump on it and further the hype. Come on. It’s a new year. Go crazy with a fresh style!