Fong's has introduced the latest model soft flow dyeing machine 'Tecwin' for knitted fabrics. Tecwin combines some of the well-received design features of the latest model with a few novel elements designed to deliver superior performance and reliability.

At a time when the knit dyeing industry is struggling with high MLR machines with high water and energy consumption, Tecwin ushers in path breaking innovation that would once and for all eliminate the challenges faced by the dyers.

Within a short span of time, Tecwin has steadily increased its footprint all over the world. In India as well, Tecwin machines have been successfully installed at Sacchi polyesters, Marvel Processors, Ludhiana and in SPA Fabrics, Kolkata and a few more machines will soon be installed in Tiruppur and Kolkata markets.

Technical data

  •          Design temperature 140oC

  •          Design pressure 3.0 bar

  •          Heating gradient 25oC ~ 100oC approx. 5oC/min,100oC ~ 130oC approx. 2.5oC/min 

  • Dry saturated steam pressure at 7.0 bar)

  • Cooling gradient 130oC ~ 100oC approx. 3oC/min, 100oC ~ 80oC approx. 2oC/min (Cooling water at 3.0 bar, 25oC)

Salient features

Material to liquor ratio is 1:4.5

The new version of Tecwin has additional spray nozzle in the front which improves the degree of dye liquor exchange before the fabric enters in to the main nozzle. It ensures uniform dyeing results.

The main dye liquor exchange nozzle setting is adjusted automatically by means of a motor drive system, which ensures a smooth flow of fabric and the dye liquor.

An additional pump is being used exclusively for spraying the liquor through the bottom nozzle in the front which ensures a better exchange of dye liquor during operation as well as enhances the washing efficiency while washing the goods.

Equipped with the adjustable loading chamber with optimised chamber design to resolve the separation difficulties occurred when running double rope fabrics. The variable chamber gives comfort to adjust the size of the chamber based on the load of the fabric to have a smooth fabric flow without any entanglement.

An effective lint cleaning system helps remove the lint and other residues from the surface of the fabric.

Tecwin can be offered with various capacities from 1 to 8 tubes to meet the requirements of the end users.

Unlike earlier version, the fabric is not submerged in to the liquor at the bottom of the vessel in the new Tecwin model by having a perforated Teflon sheet; it ensures no entanglement while processing body size fabrics.

Usage of high quality 316Ti/1.4571 stainless steel approved by international standards as the major material of construction for the Tecwin series enhances the machine metallurgy, hence leading to a longer machine life.

FC30EX is equipped with a 6.5-inch, 640x480-pixel, and TFT colour LCD display. Together with novel control functions, it is the most cost-effective control. FC30EX can also integrate with the central processing unit Viewtex and THEN-TDS central computer system, providing a comprehensive machine control management.

With impressive features, Tecwin is indeed a boon for the knit dyers and it is all set to expand its footprint in India.

Tecwin - Schematic

Tecwin soft flow dyeing machine for knitted fabrics