Savio has been in the forefront of the twisting technology since the 1950s, creating a wide range of trend-setting two-for-one twisters (TFOs) for different market requirements.  The state-of-the-art Savio twisting machines are acclaimed for high quality, energy-efficiency, with a significant reduction in manual handling. Savio is a world leader in twisting and has 1500 installations running across the world, commanding a market share of over 60 per cent. 

Savio India Limited, Coimbatore, India, manufactures TFOs for India as well as for all global markets. The current range covers two models of TFOs: Sirius and Cosmos.


This is a high-end model packed with a number of features. This state-of-the-art TFO is a benchmark for operational efficiency, product quality, energy efficiency, and automation.


Machine features

  • High structural standardisation

  • Wide range - both for feeding and spindle dimensions for every yarn type and count

  • Available with a number of optional features

  • Electronic solutions and simplified maintenance to reduce the workforce needed for each machine.

Spindles features

  •  Life lubricated top bearings with special dustproof protection, stainless steel plate and reserve disc with plasma coating; with optimised shape that guarantees less power absorption, high quality output and maximum feeding content

  • Yarn tensioning with interchangeable spring pistons for different counts and materials

  • Tension can be adjusted with 6 different positions

  • High flexibility due to quick transformation from free balloon to controlled balloon

The machine comes with various optional features, like:

Electro-pneumatic package lifting device

  • Robust electro-pneumatic package lifting device, with time delay to avoid long hanging tails and lashings 

  • The lifting delay is not influenced by package weight

  • A locking system to prevent package falling down

Feeler lock

A centralised control, located inside the headstock, locks all the yarn feelers avoiding their fall when the machine is stopped.

Pneumatic threading

  • Both the spindle brake and the pneumatic threading are operated via the pedal at the bottom of the machine. When yarn breaks, the operator brakes the spindle pressing on the pedal, picks up the package yarn end and by pressing the pedal right down effects the threading easily.
  • The second over feed roller allows optimising yarn path in any overfeeding condition.

Second counterweight spring for soft packages

  • Allows increase of counterweight effect over the package

Bunching device

  • Apart from providing yarn reserve, the bunching device also provides the best solution to eliminate untwisted yarn on the package when the lot starts.

Waxing device

  • Due to magnetic compensation, waxing device grants a constant wax distribution over the yarn.

Sirius electronic drive system (EDS)

  • The new EDS allows for simple and direct way to change any setting/working parameter via PC, thus introducing an important flexibility element that will drastically reduce both set-up times and labour involvement.

  • In particular, it is possible to set spindle speed, twist number and direction (S/Z), winding angle, modulation (anti ribboning), thread-guide traverse, axial displacement and variable bunching length. Thus, there is no need for any mechanic to change the speed pulleys and twist pulleys. With precise axial displacement, it is easy to produce dye packages directly on the TFO, eliminating the soft winding machines from the process.


Cosmos ensures maximum cost effectiveness with reduced investment cost and increased energy savings.

Cosmos maximises the machine productivity, improves the quality of package and twisted yarn, in addition to providing the technological flexibility. This makes Cosmos indispensable for any textile mill.


  • Wide range of spindles, shapes and manufacturing techniques

  •  Spindles have top two high performance life lubricated maintenance free bearings (for lower bearings, separate external  nipple for greasing)

  • Machines with an option of 200 and 250 mm gauge for wide range of product application

  • Balloon limiter (optional) to minimise on energy cost

  • Waxing device, special flyer for elastomeric yarn and inverters are also available as options

Savio has a team of dedicated and well qualified service engineers stationed all over India to give prompt service to its customers. It also ensures quick delivery of spare parts for the uninterrupted machine performance. The Savio manufacturing facility located at Pollachi, Coimbatore, has a full-fledged training centre where mill technicians can be trained on the operation and optimisation of TFOs.

A.T.E., which represents Savio in India, has deployed its domain knowledge in textile over decades, and is committed to ensure that Indian spinning mills get the best technology that gives them a competitive edge. A.T.E.'s partnership with Savio is a true reflection of this commitment.