Savio has been in the forefront of the twisting technology since the 1950s, creating a wide range of trend-setting two-for-one twisters (TFOs) for different market requirements.  The state-of-the-art Savio twisting machines are acclaimed for high quality, energy-efficiency, with a significant reduction in manual handling. Savio is a world leader in twisting and has 1500 installations running across the world, commanding a market share of over 60 per cent. 

Savio India Limited, Coimbatore, India, manufactures TFOs for India as well as for all global markets. The current range covers two models of TFOs: Sirius and Cosmos.


This is a high-end model packed with a number of features. This state-of-the-art TFO is a benchmark for operational efficiency, product quality, energy efficiency, and automation.


Machine features

  • High structural standardisation

  • Wide range - both for feeding and spindle dimensions for every yarn type and count

  • Available with a number of optional features

  • Electronic solutions and simplified maintenance to reduce the workforce needed for each machine.