Are you a mother of the bride who is currently freaking out about her dress choice for the coming occasion? We completely get it, shopping for your mother of the bride dress can be stressful, but when you know what to look out for, and you are not scared to leave your comfort zone, things do get easier. We have put together some quick tips for choosing the perfect mother of the bride dresses so that any mom can put her mind at ease and choose her choicest piece of dress as it is more likely nowadays for a group in the family to go out for marriage shopping.

Avoid all black: Black suggests mourning and is perfect for a funeral, not for a wedding. You should embrace the day with both hands and avoid block colours of black in your outfit. Although there is no strict rule regarding what you should wear as the mother of the bride, it is etiquette and part of customary to choose a more colourful one. You can opt for a monochrome shimmer piece such as a grey, white and black dress if you love the combination (that is totally acceptable!) but try to keep your gown elegant and classic rather than dull and boring.

Be within budget: While you may want to splash out on your outfit for your daughter's wedding day, you need to remember that it is merely a day that will be over within a couple of hours. Be realistic and set yourself a budget that you can shop with. Weddings are not about breaking the bank; they are about being together and celebrating love. So just celebrate that with a more affordable dress.

Consult bride on colour: Your daughter may be strict when it comes to colours she wants you to wear. If you are buying your attire without your daughter, then she may give you her colour choices and expects you to respect that. This may be because she doesn't want your dress to contrast with the bridesmaid's or perhaps it has to do with the season of the wedding. Whatever it is, listen to her request and abide by her rules; after all it is her special day.

Purchase a month before: Being prepared and organised is much better than buying everything at the eleventh hour. Purchase your dress online or in store a month before so that you can help your daughter with the last-minute bits.

Keep style relatively conservative: You may be young and sexy and want everyone to know how confident you are in your skin, but your daughter's wedding is not the place to dress overtly sexy. Avoid too much cleavage and let the bride have her spotlight for the day. If you are worried about the dress' length, we recommend a tea length dress. Avoid knee length ones or anything shorter.