Truetzschler, the specialist in blowroom and card technologies, has introduced the new twin delivery non-auto leveller drawframes TD 9T. The twin drawframe system incorporates two deliveries but is not based on the traditional double head principle. As explained below, it retains the advantage of the double head drawframe, such as a low space requirement, while eliminating its disadvantages, thus improving machine performance and efficiency.

The twin draw frame TD 9T has two independent production sides. When a fault occurs on one production side, it does not affect the other production side and that side of the machine operates uninterrupted and with full efficiency. This applies to the can changer as well; when one can gets filled, it is immediately replaced without waiting for the can on the other side of the drawframe to get filled, thus again increasing the production efficiency. Further, to ensure that the full potential of the space-saving twin design is maintained, a new can changer has been developed. The space it requires is a little more than what is needed for two cans. The cans are moved by functionally reliable pneumatics.

The first TD 9T from Truetzschler India was delivered to Sri Akkamma Textiles recently, the first machine in South India. Managing director of Sri Akkamma Textiles, Ramesh Kumar, said, "With this technology, it is possible to produce different counts on each of the production sides. This gives us more flexibility, which no other twin drawframes give."

The twin drawframe has been designed for jumbo cans with 1,200 mm diametre. This diametre applies to both the can set-up in the creel and also at the delivery side. These jumbo cans hold 43 per cent more sliver than conventional 1,000 mm cans. This means, less sliver piecing and significantly less can transport.

  Ramachandran, General Manager,  Sri Akkamma Textiles

Both drawframe sides are operated from a platform that is located in the middle. This saves space and reduces the walking distances for operators. The colour touch screen makes the operation simple and effective.

The Truetzschler breaker drawframe TD 9T shares a variety of technologically important elements with Truetzschler's trend-setting auto leveller drawframe the TD 8:

  • 4-over-3 drafting system with pressure bar

  • Pneumatic load, separately controllable for each top roll

  • Pneumatic threading aid

  • Self-adjusting lap monitoring

  • All creel versions

  • Coiler plate with hydro polished tube

Ramachandran, general manager of Sri Akkamma Textiles, added: "The features of TD 9T offer us the flexibility to manage our spin plan better and also to ensure the best quality sliver."