Electrostatic charges can cause a number of issues during textile production, such as dust attraction, shocks, sparks etc. These in turn can lead to potentially hazardous situations due to discomfort to operators and even fires, as well as annoyances such as frequent interruptions in production due to stoppages, reduced sliver/yarn evenness, quality issues on yarns and fabric, etc. Hence, such bothersome electrostatic charges need to be neutralised. To address these problems, Valence offers many solutions for measurement and removal of static charges.

Valence provides a range of electrostatic control solutions:

1. Active static charge eliminators: These bars have a row of electrodes across the active length. Positive ions are produced during the positive half cycle and negative ions during the negative half cycle of the power supply. These ions neutralise the charges of opposite polarity on a fast-moving target.

2. Static charge monitoring: The magnitude and directions of the electrostatic charges need to be measured for taking the most effective preventive measures. Valence's static charge meter is a compact, highly sensitive electrostatic surface voltmeter which is designed to locate and measure surface voltage on stationary and moving objects, people and equipment. It measures both the magnitude and polarity of charges.

3. Electrostatic charging: A Valstat charging electrode and high voltage (HV) generator together provide a compact, sturdy, and efficient system for generating electrostatic charges for localised and linear charging applications.

Valence's range of electrostatic control solutions are suitable for textile applications such as: