The connection between designers and consumers has begun to dwindle in recent years as several high street brands manufacture and sell clothes quickly to the masses. However, the likes of world fashion houses such as Dior, Burberry and Gucci keep the link between the brand and the customer strong. These brands sell out due to popularity, and other brands such as Supreme have seen a vast increase in sales due to the demand for limited edition merchandise. But what about affordable fashion? London-based SilkFred showcases the very best independent fashion brands, giving you a luxury fashion look with an affordable price tag.

SilkFred has seen a substantial level of growth in recent years, but this has not come without hard work. The idea was born when chief executive officer Emma Watkinson, and co-founders Kate Jackson and Stephen Jackson saw the opportunity to connect independent designers with consumers who might otherwise miss out on their unique styles, and in doing so, benefit both. At the age of just 24, she quit her dream job to pursue this idea, launching in 2012. The company then had only 15 brands and a handful of products.

Over time, this blossomed into a fashion empire with over 800 independent designers. With over 800,000 followers on social media, customer experience and satisfaction has been at the forefront of every interaction. With the promise of designer styles at high street prices for the key moments in your life, SilkFred aims to deliver exciting pieces that you cannot find on the high street.

Connection with independent brands

It is the connection to independent designers that really sets SilkFred apart. Not only are they delivering a customer-centric approach to fashion, but they are empowering independent fashion brands that often go unnoticed in high street chains.

This approach gives every user more of what they love. SilkFred listens to their audience and works with the vast network of designers to offer something new and exciting based on popular opinion.


As the business continues to grow, so does the number of independent designers joining this vast network. This is exciting, not only for the fashion community but also for those looking for something new and unique to add to their wardrobe. Whether it is a boldly patterned maxi dress, nude evening gown or sequin cocktail dress, there are a wide number of options available from a whole range of upcoming designers.

The close relationship that Silkfred shares with customers is what allows it to deliver high-quality items from independent designers, giving their loyal fanbase something to look forward to with every new shipment.