Fabrics made from coffee ground fibre, seaweed, pineapple leaves or recycled plastic bottles are so important as they are the foundation of the fashion industry's greener future.

The textile industry has been implementing new technology and developing the fibre which is innovative and better for the industry in terms of social and environmental sustainable point of view.

The textile industry is directly linked with the next step to ensure the entire industry becomes more sustainable. Majority of the resources used textile industry as a raw material has mainly obtained from natural sources like cotton, jute, linen, etc.

The resulting coffee yarn is multi-functional and can be used in a variety of products, from outdoor and sports performance wear to household items used every day.

The coffee grounds used to create the yarn are taken and recycled from some of the world's largest coffee vendors, like Starbucks. In this way, the company gives a second life to coffee grounds which would have otherwise ended up in the trash.

"There is never a need to waste time and energy to produce the essential S Cafe raw material, as there is always coffee being consumed, therefore there will always be coffee grounds to be collected and used,".

A company of Singtex industries discovers the way to use the coffee ground into wearable textile-like yarn which can further be converted into fabric.

Sintex industrial cop. a world-renowned Taiwanese company is known for the production of functional fabric. Singtex has successfully developed a new eco- friendly product that uses the fibre made from the waste of coffee ground.

Singtex successfully invented the S.Cafe eco-friendly coffee yarn in 2008, which was made from plastic bottles and coffee grounds, this green, high-tech yarn is environmentally friendly, deodorising, and fast-drying, UV-resistant and has many different applications.

Singtex has always set its sights on becoming a world-class eco-friendly functional textile company. It strives to create better and more eco-friendly products without compromising on sustainable development.

Roasting coffee beans is the most fascinating stage of making it into a beverage. One can literally taste the enchanting aroma that roasting coffee beans can create but also contributing to the main component of S.Cafe which is producing coffee ground.

After baking, brewing, and one other patent process, S.Cafe is able to offer something far beyond your wildest imagination.