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Everyone will be agreeing on this, the main purpose behind any business is to promote a product or service online but the objective of an ecommerce website is to go one step extra and allow visitors to buy your goods or services right away from your website. There are many websites on the net but this ecommerce model has certain advantages which puts it upfront than non-ecommerce websites. Web site itself has this great advantage about its automatic operation, where you do not have to be present while it is selling goods for you. It even does not require the visitor to call you during business hours thus helping secure the sale to an impulse buyer. But ecommerce sites have a serious drawback as well; as very few are indexed by search engines, there are more chances to fail getting higher rankings.

It is observed that non-ecommerce websites with all their inability or disadvantage of not collecting the visitor's money will easily show up on the first page of the search engines while your brilliantly designed ecommerce site sits on some later page. This is their main advantage; while a non-ecommerce site will be greatly viewed on the first page, immense preponderance of guests will never get to see your site or even come to know about your existence on internet. The remedy is hidden inside choice of the shopping cart you select.

What's great about shopping carts?

'SEO-friendliness' is not easy for many e-commerce web sites as the problem lies in the products they are selling. There is one important part they tend to miss is making their websites SEO friendly; and also having better shopping carts. The problem persists because most web sites are created before deciding on product range they are selling thus, no SEO friendly words for their websites. Choosing inexpensive shopping cart is also a mistake and it will actually cost you more in the long run.

Here is a solution:

We have two solutions to this problem. The first is to create a stand alone site having a separate existence from the shopping cart. This will successfully produce a number of pages that can be easily tracked by search engines. We here like to assume that they are well designed. Only drawback to this is that your website will be a limited & one sized website forever; and that leaves us with this last option, 'depending on SEO friendly shopping carts'.

It is not tough to find SEO friendly shopping carts. Though, there are many things that we have to be count including the search engine compatibility of the pages themselves. The capacity of the individual pages, the simplicity of adding products and changing the pages down the road must be taken into the account. Our experience with many shopping cart and ecommerce systems has taught us that it has to be simplest to use and should allow for full customization of individual.

The easiest way out here:

We can suggest that rather than trying to jeopardize a system that was already in place, we should initiate the advancement of the system whose first duty is to allow for easiest search engine customization. A few key points to consider while that choosing a shopping cart system is more SEO-friendly pages may seem more expensive but they will save you the cost of developing a front-end site, maintaining the pricing on a static page for sure. Ideally, you have to be very serious while figuring out advantages in SEO "contest". If a shopping cart system costs you an extra $100 per month to maintain but it can also earn you $5000 in sales, so do you call it expensive now?


One must consider what type of marketing strategy will be taken with the site and if SEO is one of those, be sure to find a system that provides the same rewards as this one. It may charge you a bit more but doing it right the first time is far less costly than building a site that can't be marketed properly and to it's maximum potential. Being wise during the process of choosing your SEO friendly shopping cart will really do miracles for you. So, having all this valuable tips, you have a the reason to seat back and ENJOY!

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