Improvised screen, squeegee and drum washers for perfect and efficient washing with minimum water consumption combined with water recirculation

Today, water pollution is a growing concern in the textile industry. The need to reduce water consumption and pollution are not just important but a growing necessity all over the world. One of the areas of concern is the printing section where water is consumed in large amount for washing screen, squeegee and drum. Currently, majority of the washing is done manually and as a result there is no control over the water consumption. Understanding the current need, Embee has introduced improvised washers which also use filtered recycled water for washing and in this way 90 per cent of water is reused.

"One of our customers was facing problem with reduced productivity and to overcome this problem they were planning to buy new textile rotary printing machine. After understanding and analysing their problem, we proposed them a simple solution. We convinced them to invest on Embee's highly advanced screen washer, squeegee washer and drum washer. Moreover, the investment on these washers is negligible as compared to the new printing machine. Today, the customer is more than satisfied with our washers as productivity has increased up to 50 per cent" Harsh Shah, MD and board member, Embee Group, told Fibre2Fashion.

Unique Advantages

  • Significant increase in efficiency and productivity: Gone are the days when the customer demanded for long printing run. Today, the trend has changed; customers are now demanding for short printing run. If the customer just wants to print up to 2,000 metres then achieving increased efficiency becomes very difficult with the manual washing of screens, squeegees and drums. Embee's high tech washers can wash 6 screens and 6 squeegees in the same time duration, where only 1 screen and 1 squeegee can be washed with manual method. In this way, design overtime can be reduced to 10 mins which significantly increases efficiency and productivity up to 60 per cent.

  • Perfect and efficient washing for all types of screens: High pressurised water jet uniformly cleans thoroughly from all sides with the aid of bristles. In conventional manual washing there is always a risk of damaging the delicate nickel screens and improper washing of drums. Further in manual washing, screens and drums are not washed properly from inside and outside.

  • Significant water saving: Conventional cleaning is carried out with enormous wastage of water as well as messing up the workplace. Embee strongly believes in conserving nature and as a part of this belief all washers of Embee uses minimum water as compared to conventional cleaning.


  • Water reusability: All the washers of Embee - screen washer,squeegee washer and drum washer - have water recirculation system. There are 2connections - one for fresh water and another connection for filtered recycledwater. The customer can set timer according to the requirement and as a resultup to 90 per cent of the water can be saved.

  • Significant time saving: In manual washing, even though thescreen / squeegee takes 5-10 mins for washing, it is not properly washed.Whereas, 6 multiple screens and squeegees can be washed within the same timewith Embee washers. Further, with drum washer and squeegee washer, wastewatercan be filtered and reused for washing purpose; thereby, saving up to 90 percent of water consumption.

  • Requires minimum labour: The growing textile sector isevolving fast towards decreasing the running cost, which is dependent on labourand resources. Keeping the cost factor in mind, Embee has manufactured washerswhich need minimum labour unlike conventional cleaning. Since washing is anautomated cycle completely devoid of human interference, labour is requiredonly to load and unload the screens/drums.

  • Fastest payback: Since significant time, water and laboursaving can done with Embee washers; the payback is possible within few months.

  • Space saving (requires minimum space): The compact design ofthe machine requires minimum space and can be easily placed alongside of therotary printing machine.