Sustainability is one of Gen Z�s top concerns and an eco-friendly brand carries a lot more appeal for this demographic

Sustainability is one of Gen Z's top concerns and an eco-friendly brand carries a lot more appeal for this demographic.


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New York City-based online men's clothing store Differio recently began making efforts to provide more sustainable fashion clothes for men. Its plans involved improving its fulfillment systems and introducing more merchandise made using vegan-friendly textiles.


In a recent online survey, Differio asked its customers if they would mind receiving items without individual packaging to reduce environmental waste. The poll results revealed 76 per cent of shoppers didn't mind receiving their items without excessive packaging materials.


Differio's demographic of consumers varies from Gen Z to Gen X, but being an eco-friendly brand is almost a necessity today to appeal to Gen Z consumers, especially for retailers of fashion clothes for men.


Gen Z is the first generation in history to be raised on social media, which means they are much more aware of global issues. It is easier than ever to gain access to the latest news on healthcare or finance from Google. Among today's global issues, sustainability is one of Gen Z's top concerns compared to other demographics in the past.


A survey by Cotton Incorporated found that 40 per cent of Gen Z shoppers said they are likely to pay full price for an item manufactured in a sustainable manner-the highest percentage compared to millennials and baby boomers.


Gen Z already makes up $150 billion in spending power across the United States, according to Business Insider. Fashion brands all over the world are clamouring for integrating a more sustainable plan to gain Gen Z's approval, especially since its spending power is going to rise.


Moreover, this sustainability movement is not only about selling fashion clothes for men to attract young shoppers. Fashion manufacturing is one of the top causes of global pollution. From textile dyeing polluting water to carbon emissions from shipping parcels, there are a lot of issues related to retailing men's clothing online that need to be reexamined to end further environmental damage.


Differio is just one of several men's trendy clothing retailers re-evaluating its production plans to reduce carbon footprint. Its latest men's streetwear collection includes several products made in vegan-friendly textiles, such as faux leather bags and faux suede pants, which may be expanded into its own collection. Vegan textiles can easily replace several 'luxury' textiles used for fashion clothes for men, such as genuine leather belts and suede combat boots.


In addition to implementing more eco-friendly textiles, the company is re-evaluating its packaging and shipping procedures. More e-commerce companies are gradually replacing plastic bags with shipping materials that can either be reused or recycled. They will also analyse their energy consumption across their fulfillment centres with the possibility of implementing renewable energy sources.


Started in Manhattan in 2014 with the objective to become the global trendsetting menswear online retailer encompassing denim, sportswear, swimwear, underwear, shoes and accessories, Differio started with a desire to fill a void in men's fashion, creating a platform that offers a well-cut, unique and stylish menswear.