Some years back, blazers for women were solely meant for office or formal events. It would have been so awkward to see a woman rock a blazer to a party or during casual days. Most of them found blazers to be simple and boring, but that mindset has completely changed now. With the introduction of stylish blazers for women, these can now be worn to all sorts of events.

You can now find women's blazers in dozens of styles, designs, lengths and colours. This has made it easier for any fashion guru or anyone who likes trying new things to come up with fantastic outfit styles and combinations with the jacket. Let us have a look at some unique ways of styling blazers for women this year.

Oversized blazer with denim shorts

Are you looking for the perfect outfit to wear to the pack, especially during the warm weather? Then you should try this combination. It is effortless, yet classy. It makes you look like you have your life together regardless of how much stress you are under. It is also a perfect outfit for the weekends as you go for that drink with friends and unwind.

The 'suit'

You can pair your favourite blazer jacket with a matching pair of pants. This one is a great combination, especially with plain blazers. Add some stilettos at the bottom, and you are ready to attend that major office event that you have been planning for months. Other than being an elegant and classy office wear, you can wear this outfit nearly to any kind of casual event.

Maxidress layering

You can combine your blazer with almost anything, including a maxi dress. Layering is every woman's best friend and the blazer-maxi-dress combination will dramatically raise your style. It is time to effortlessly move from a whimsical professional to a classy one.

Sleeveless blazer

 You may choose to be different, and with all the available styles, sleeveless blazers for women are a trend now. It is a fantastic choice during warm weather, when you want to relax and showcase your arms.

Blazer, long-neck T-shirt and sneaker

If you are of the outgoing kind, then this combination is for you. It can offer a casual or a business look depending on how you style it. Everything in this combination is easily accessible and very comfortable. If you plan to go out with friends after returning from office, this one will work just fine.

It is time to stock your wardrobe with some fantastic blazers and get some inspiration from these styling tips. You can be both classy and adventurous.