You may soon see CBD on the label of your clothes

The minute we hear the term CBD, our minds immediately go to one thing: marijuana. Understandably so, as the two are closely related. However, this close connection has given CBD an undeserved bad rap. Which might just be the reason why its use in textiles is still a bit questionable in the eyes of designers. It is not a concept that should be completely overlooked, though, as it could spark a revolutionary movement in how clothes are made and used.

What is CBD?

CBD, formally known as cannabidiol, is an active ingredient in the hemp plant. Its purpose is not to cause a "high", but is instead used to treat many ailments and disorders. Especially, stress and anxiety.

Application in Textiles

Earlier this year, Devan Chemicals developed a technology called "R Vital", consisting of CBD capsules that are woven into fabric. When skin touches the treated fabric, the friction causes the capsules to break open and release CBD into the body. Devan Chemicals' main goal in creating this treatment is to enhance quality of sleep in those wearing the treated fabric. Very few companies have jumped on this new technology, and that is due in part to a lack of education and awareness surrounding the benefits of CBD. There is still a negative stigma associated with CBD, and many designers are hesitant to implement this technology because of it.

Benefits of CBD

There are several great benefits CBD possesses, and these are just a few we find noteworthy.

1.      Can help with pain

One of the most popular characteristics of CBD is its role in treating chronic pain. CBD has been proven to treat several kinds of inflammation in the body, and is a great alternative to the heavy pain medications that are typically prescribed to patients. One activewear company from New York, Acabada Activewear, is the first brand to utilize CBD-infused fabrics in their workout clothes. Their mission is to provide customers with activewear that can help alleviate muscle and joint pain while exercising.