Zurich based clothing brand Hockerty offers tips on the classic tweed jacket

Tweed is one of the traditional fabrics known to be worn by influential people in the 19th century. It is believed to have originated in rural Scotland, where farmers used to wear it to keep warm. There are two theories that support the origin of the word 'tweed fabric'; one, a river called Tweed in Scotland, and second, a misreading of the Scottish word Twill, meaning a fabric so woven as to have a surface of diagonal parallel ridges. Well, whatever the name's origin, it is one of the most refined and classic fabrics.

The reason why a tweed jacket is worn during the fall season is due to the fact that it is made of wool that is heavy and keeps you warm all day long. And who wouldn't want to be warm and at the same time look fashionable!

Stylish tweed jackets now

Shoppers have fallen in love with fashion today and are willing to explore all aspects of it. Both women and men are all on the hunt for pieces that will make them stand out and make a fashion statement. Well, given that there are many types of clothes that one can pull off, tweed jackets remain one of the most sophisticated pieces. You may think, "Tweed! but how to style it?" The truth is that a tweed jacket is quite versatile. And another amazing aspect is that both women and men can rock it and still look good. Whether you want to wear a tweed double-breasted suit, a tweed jacket with some chinos pants, or a tweed blazer with a pair of jeans, you decide to pair the tweed jacket for pure looks.

Over the years, there have been many improvements in the tweed fabric. Not only do they look more classic, but in some cases, soft wool is used to make the tweed jackets to reduce its bulkiness. The stylish tweed jackets in 2019 come in different patterns and designs. When it comes to the pattern, one of the most common ones is a plain pattern, but there is a lot of weaving that goes into it. On the other hand, some such jackets are made of different colours woven in a single thread to bring out its weave. To add more oomph, they are usually dyed with earthy-toned colours like brown.

Though tweed jackets are commonly worn during fall, you can wear it in other seasons as well. Remember, some of these stylish jackets are made of a lighter wool material, which means you can also pull off the look during summer or even in that work dinner event for a classic look.

The tweed jacket is by far one of the most stylish pieces today. It certainly leaves an impression everywhere on any occasion.