The Indian textile and apparel industry is rapidly innovating to meet the specific requirements of the markets across the world. Furnishing, upholstery, shirting and suiting with multicolour, multi-material or mono colour fabrics are either required in small production batches and/or with actual fabric width to make full garment. Sample fabrics are required in even shorter lengths and within the shortest possible time due to customer centric market requirements. Manufacturers need to be on their toes to quickly cater to premier customers and grab orders to retain their market share.

KARL MAYER - innovator and manufacturer of world class technology products across the entire warp preparation range -has introduced the state-of-the-art MULTIMATIC to produce sample short and medium length warp beams. The key advantage of the MULTIMATIC is its ability to produce warp beams with required warp colour patterns within the shortest time.

MULTIMATIC is available in 3 executions, MM128 (with 128 bobbins), MM64 (with 64 bobbins) and MM32 (with 32 bobbins).  The new model MULTIMATIC MM32 was launched during ITMA 2019.