“I love this beautiful dress”, said by everyone- at least once. Ever wonder? How long does this love exist? Maybe, until you don’t find another beautiful dress or until you are not bored with it?

What after that? All those beautiful dresses are waiting in the down-corner of your wardrobe. While you are busy wearing your new collections. 

Forget about old beautiful dresses! Think about your, “someday I’ll wear this” dresses. Women wardrobe is full of “someday I’ll wear this” dresses but still they’ve nothing to wear for today. 

According to a study by Movinga, “People around the world are highly delusional about how much they own versus how much they actually wear”. We don’t even wear 50% of our fancy wardrobe. Click to Tweet

You wonder then why women go for impulse shopping? So as I. 

WeightWatchers found that, women around the world only wear 30% of their wardrobe, 70% of their clothing is unused, never worn until the day it gets discarded. Fashion is changing continuously with choices. And pre-loved or second-hand clothing is becoming the consumer’s first choice. 

The brighter side of continuously changing fashion world is consumers are loving pre-loved clothing or second-hand clothing. If you haven’t started chasing pre-loved clothing yet, don’t worry! Below-listed reasons will surely make you fall in love with pre-loved clothes. 

1. Put “PLANET” first: Your pretty clothes are not cool for the environment. With every new cloth that you are adding to your collection – our earth is paying more than you do. Don’t just dress for yourself, dress for the planet too. 

Keeping earth healthy is our greatest responsibility as an Earthian. New fashion does more damage to the environment than pre-loved clothing.

So, next time when you go out for shopping ensure that you are not hurting Earth. For those, who are living under a rock, fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry of earth. And its high time to take earth seriously. We don’t have any other planet to shift after earth.

Right fashion is what you like and planet love! Make your picks classy and sustainable with Pre-loved clothing. 


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2. “LOCAL” is the new love: By embracing pre-loved clothing, we can also support the sustainable initiatives taken by small business owner and brands. Small businesses understand both fashion and sustainability, hence smart shoppers just can’t stop loving and appreciating them. 

As consumers are getting conscious about making their fashion sustainable, smart shoppers are chasing the thrift stores, local markets, small business, flea market, and second-hand stores – both offline and online. 

Apart from sustainability, another important reason to buy from small stores is “You buy happiness and give away the same”. Big brands are more focus on their services as they don’t know you personally, but small businesses know you better and take good care of your shopping taste. And not to forget varieties that you get at small stores are quite a big task for big brands. So, shop local and be social. 

3 Pick your “UNIQUE’S”: With pre-loved shopping, we can explore a lot of uniqueness in our styles. You can be unique with every single pick and equally classy. Those who want to stand out in everyday fashion – pre-loved clothing is the ultimate destination. 

Vintage is again a perk that only pre-loved or second -hand clothing can offer you. With Vintage collection, you get the freedom to choose more exclusive pieces of stuff. No fashion is ever old, you just need to bring it back. Explore a wide variety of vintage and discover a lot of your fashion sides. 

Moreover, you can also customize style by giving yourself the freedom to choose anything and embrace any style. 

4. You love Your “POCKET”: The budget you usually spend on shopping is quite big. What if I tell you that you can get a lot more stuff in the same budget? No, I’m not kidding. Pre-loved clothing or second-hand clothing can get you more stuff in your budget. 

Pre-loved clothing is owned by someone previously and that’s what makes them cheaper. If you will go out to find the same dress in new, you might have to pay more than what you’ve to pay for pre-loved pieces of stuff. Maybe, just double. 

Also, pre-loved clothes are more comfortable than new ones. Then, why to spend extra bugs on uncomfortable clothes?

Buy more in your big or small budget! 

Do you know? Second-hand clothing is the new fashion.

Do you still doubt Pre-loved clothing?

Other winning factors with pre-loved clothing are the hottest trends, classic styles, quality clothing, superior material, and healthier clothes.

Over time, there’s an idea shift in smart shoppers from – “More is more to less is more”. Buy less and sustainable clothes to stay healthy in a healthier environment. 

Time to upgrade your wardrobe and lifestyle with pre-loved clothing. 

 To achieve sustainability, we all need to make our choice smarter. 

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