Respect, bravery, and comfort are the attributes that the brand Los Polistas abides by, and this is what helped Rhea Parekh (Founder - Los Polistas) give a creative outlet through her penchant for design and her love for fashion, paving the way for the premium Polo wear label, Los Polistas: a name that's a tribute to the valor and skill of Polo players worldwide.

With an aspiration to become a brand that resonates with luxury & comfort, our collection is an amalgamation of trending styles, exquisite quality and newness in colors.

Los Polistas brings to life, a plush range weaved with high attention to detail, fitting and finish, making each garment a reflection of the distinguished lifestyle that surrounds the regal sport. Come and celebrate Class & Glamour with us, the Los Polistas

Product Categories: Collection of tees, polos, shirts / dresses & bottoms for men & women

USP: Classic fashion with best quality

Price: Rs. 899 - 2,999

Available: On and online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, FYND

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