Secondhand clothing is changing the shopper’s vision across the world. Brands and shoppers both are chasing the second-hand fashion to dress for the planet and to save a little money for next time.

Your second-hand clothes can be someone’s luxury. Shoppers are all set to break the social stigmas by replacing “old” by “vintage” and embracing second-hand fashion. 27% of all second-hand shoppers are motivated to buy second-hand clothing as its more environment-friendly while in millennials the number is 35%.

“The Future of Fashion is Circular”, in the coming time it will be restorative and regenerative – stated by Stella McCartney, a well-known fashion designer.

The secondhand clothing industry is making brands happy, customers happier and earth happiest. Below infographic shows how secondhand clothing is turning the fashion industry around.

Take a foot forward to embrace secondhand clothing and be the best of your style.