Fashionattire is for not only night outs or parties alone. Women also need to dress upin style when they are going for work. Yes, we are talking about business andcorporate women. What you will wear to your place of work often troubles womenin business. Of course, you cannot wear bright pink on Monday mornings. Youneed to dress up in business formals on weekdays and casuals on a Friday.

Accordingto an article published on Vogue, corporate women can wear a modern suitbecause it consists of restrained, slim, cropped pants and streamlined skirtsmade from fine fabrics. Though unadorned, these business suits are apt foroffice wear. Women can also dress up in a tailored jacket with straight legtrousers. The options are endless when it comes to business wear for women.

Youneed to dress for the job you have to do and not for the one you like to wear.Your responsibility is making you presentable in a business environment, lookprofessional, and respectable. Even if it sounds harsh, looks do matter. Youneed to create the first good impression when you are in a board meeting orgiving some business presentations. Therefore, to make things a little easier,here are some of the top fashion tips for corporate women like you:

Choose staple, quality outfits

Asa corporate woman, you probably are intelligent enough about spending yourhard-earned money. There are sure means to do penny-pinching, but then yourbusiness closet should not come from that perspective. While the price mightappear like a lot initially, actually, you can save more if you focus onquality business attire and not quantity. When you choose high-quality businessformals, you can wear these numerous times for years, thus making the cost perevery wear significantly low.

Choose superlative, staple business attire. Buy in moderation and not in excess. When you shop, focus on dress materials as well as craftsmanship instead of buying too many average quality outfits. When you have a wardrobe full of quality business suits and pants, proper care and maintenance are important.

Make sure you have all your business outfits tailored, professionally cleaned frequently as and when required. You must also hang such clothes on velvet hangers and not wire hangers.

Besides suits, pants, and tops, you also have business footwear. Take good care of them and take these to a cobbler for polishing and maintenance. Care and upkeep go a long way in keeping your corporate attire last for years without having the need to buy them often.

Wear what you like but for an appropriate office setting

To be honest, you must dress in a modest way that looks appropriate for a business house. Then, you need to adhere to the dress code of your workplace. You need to choose your lingerie, especially bra, the straps of which should not slip out from below your business top.

If you like a particular colour, always wear that shade. If you love heels, wear them to your workplace. If you like to flaunt a bright lipstick shade, then make sure to keep your makeup reasonably natural and not over-the-top. You can wear statement pieces but those that look more traditional and neutral. No matter what you wear, try business formals and not something too loud.

It is essential to be true to yourself, which is one of the best leadership qualities. Therefore, you need to practice the same in all possible ways, even when you are dressing for your office. You can look stunning, attractive and at the same time professional as well as respectable in team and business meetings.

You should first find a reliable tailor to design your corporate attire. Make sure you opt for materials that fit you right, not too loose or not too snug. And a professional tailor will help you achieve that goal.

No skin show, please

When you shop for a business skirt, focus on the length of the attire. The correct length matters when you walk into your office. You cannot wear a thigh-length tight skirt to your place of work. You can always wear them when on a night out or a party but not in a business meeting.

Make sure that skirts and dresses for office graze the top of the knee. It is important to bear in mind that when you sit working, your skirt or dress would naturally rise up some, thus making the dress even shorter. You can wear dresses with slits, but avoid wearing super-high slits that are not apt for business wear. If you see women around you, you will find them wearing clothes that look trendy but adhere to the dress code of the workplace. You should follow suit.

You cannot wear something that reveals your cleavage, even if partially. It is not apt for office wear. Again, wear a business top that is not see-through or transparent. Your lingerie too, especially bra should not become visible to your coworkers.

You can always wear sleeveless outfits. If your office has strict guidelines to cover your sleeveless tops with a jacket, then do so. Though many offices allow sleeveless dresses these days, it is not much of a problem unless it is not included in the rulebook. Sometimes, you need to wear jackets over your sleeveless top if the AC is on and you feel cold.

Always refer to your office's dress code or rulebook if you have any doubt. You can also ask the HR manager regarding the same. There are chances that you might have overlooked specific dress codes and therefore, confirming is the best way to play safe.

You can always wear skin-hugging denim on Fridays. You can also wear that when you have an office party. You can wear short skirts at such parties or the annual bash of your company.

Final words

Corporate women should look professional yet look trendy and smart. You need to follow the office dress code. Your attire, accessories, makeup, and shoes all matter in a professional environment.