It has never been more acceptable in fashion (and outside) to go braless. We've said goodbye to the days when push-up bras ruled our teenage lives, cut off our circulation, and ruined some of our best outfits.

Now, we have the freedom to decide what we want to show, how we want to show it, and how bold we'll be in doing so. This isn't just a functional trend, but also a liberating one. We're here for it!

While going braless is something that many of the smaller-chested people among us can do regularly, it doesn't work for everyone, which we should be keeping in mind. For those of us who can go braless, we're spoilt for choice!

This can even be a pretty tasteful trend. If you want to protect your nipples, prevent a wardrobe malfunction, or simply have a fun peek-a-boo with your outfit, then you've got options.

Adhesive Bras

Who knew you could just have a bra stuck to you? Adhesive isn't just for bandages anymore. Adhesive bras do the work for you in that they keep your breasts tucked in and supported, all while remaining relatively invisible. They even make adhesive bras that are backless and strapless for all your most daring looks.

These types of bras are also made in larger sizes, so whatever your breast size, you can keep clean lines and reduce visibility. If you're worried about the actual breasts falling out, you don't want to show them with such exuberance or wild abandon, then you should consider an adhesive bra.

What to Wear an Adhesive Bra With

Adhesive bras go great with outfits that have pretty full coverage at the front, but not so much at the back. While other bra alternatives might be necessary for outfits that have seriously plunging necklines or very little coverage at the top of a garment, adhesive bras are meant to keep the breasts protected, lifted, and can even provide a little cleavage.

If you have any garments in your closet that have a plunging back cut, but perhaps a more demure front, you might consider a backless adhesive bra. This can work with jumpsuits, dresses, and blouses.

Nipple Covers

If your plunging neckline has you at risk of a nip slip, then you should explore the possibilities of nipple covers. While nipple covers have their uses in fashion, they also have a functional use for anyone struggling with gynecomastia, or just don't want their nipples so exposed to the public.

Whatever your reasoning, nipple covers are a safe bet for great coverage, without having to worry about a whole lot of material to deal with. Nipple covers are also great when you're wearing a particularly thin or transparent material, and don't want to be ogled or uncomfortable while wearing it.

What's even more exciting about nipple covers is that they are inexpensive, incredibly useful, and reusable. Nipple covers are usually made of a type of adhesive, which you can wash after use, and there are plenty of versions on the market that provide options that match your skin tone pretty distinctly. This rids of any mismatching that can be a dead giveaway that the covers are there in the first place.

What to Wear with Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are to be worn more for functionality. Because nipple covers come in a variety of colors, they are best worn with the sheerest garments in your closet. These can be especially useful in the summer months when we're usually wearing brighter, paler colors and thinner fabrics. You don't want your nipple to make a surprise appearance at the summer party.


Now, we've gotten to the fun part! Pasties are likely the bra alternative you've seen the most in popular culture, entertainment, and fashion. They can be fashionable, outrageous accessories, but they also have their functional uses. Pasties are for the boldest of the bold of fashionistas, and for those who don't mind showing a little skin, while leaving just a bit to the imagination.

In fact, pasties are quite popular in the lingerie world and continue their upward trajectory with the move toward body positivity. Pasties are the most fashionable breast accessory because they can be shaped interestingly and even adorably, can be sexy and fun, and aren't that expensive.

Heart-shaped, tassels, or nude and functional, pasties are exactly what you need for those tops and dresses that leave things open. Pasties can prevent the discomfort of the exposed nipple, as well as emphasize it. Whichever you prefer, you can achieve with the right pair of pasties.

What to Wear with Pasties

This is where it gets even more fun - figuring out how and with what you can wear your new pasties! Depending on the shape and style of your chosen pair, you might want to mix and match, have a theme, create a whole new look, or have a secret surprise for someone other than yourself (even though it could be for yourself, too!).

What you do with your pasties is up to you. What you can do is to accentuate an outfit with them. When it comes to pasties, our rule is to go big or go home. Leave no pasty unturned or underutilized. There are so many pasties on the market, whether from big brands or small, and if you're really creative, you can even make your own. 

A Note on Body Positivity

We're so lucky that in popular culture, we're moving toward body positivity. So much of this has been orchestrated by social media (though also roadblocked by it at times, too) because we get to see bodies of all shapes and sizes being celebrated, rather than relying on what the media and entertainment industries want us to see and consume.

The rise of the non-bra is actually a counter to all the restrictive styles that came before it. Breasts of all shapes and sizes should be celebrated, and the nipples should be, too!