Unique clothing brand can prove to be a great business choice for the sewing enthusiast, as long as you can find your area of expertise in the sewing field. However, even in your own niche, you have to provide customers with a unique product, if you want to make a profit. With the growing popularity of handmade brands, offering a one of a kind product becomes a bigger challenge than ever before. Thankfully, with digital fabric printing, custom textiles are now available for even the smallest sewing based businesses.

Cost-efficient variety

One of the biggest struggles for smaller sewing brands comes in the shape of a variety of products available in the shop. Most textile print houses set a minimum order of at least 50 or even 100 running metres of fabric. With those demands creating sample sets of new collections is not at all cost-efficient, especially not for smaller designers or labels. With digital fabric printing, new collections or prototypes can be done for a fraction of the cost, with no minimum order required. With the possibility of printing a variety of different designs in small quantities, nothing stands in the way of a vast shop offer.

No storage spaces

With a brand that operates mostly from a living room or any small workspace, storing products and materials will be the second biggest issue. In such a case, it is best to create products to order, i.e whenever your customer needs them. Printing your custom fabrics will be of great help since you can order just as much fabric as you will need for a certain design or product. You don’t have to worry about running out of a certain fabric or pattern - digital textile print shops can always reprint your design in any amount you will need, from just a small sample of fabric to many running metres or even whole rolls of textiles.

Personalised products

Printing fabrics on-demand creates an opening for personalisation opportunities. Your customer can create one of a kind garment or product from the very foundation. You can give your customer a chance to pick the pattern or even send you a custom design for printing. A unique product has a significantly higher value for the consumer and with fabric printing creating them is not only quite easy but also can be done fast, since you can have your custom fabric printed in just 5 business days. With such short fulfilment time, your customer won’t have to wait weeks or months for their personalised order to be delivered.

With care for the environment

Being eco in the textile industry can prove to be one of the biggest struggles thanks to the modern fashion industry. Most of the fast-fashion brands create their trendiest outfits in polyester or other types of synthetic fibres. As the newest research shows, not only washing polyester garments releases microplastics, but also even just wearing them.

The results of the newest study held by the National Research Council of Italy and the University of Plymouth showed that one person could release almost 300 million polyester microfibres per year to the environment by washing their clothes, and more than 900 million microfibres to the air by simply wearing the garments.

Pigment ink printing is one of the most eco-friendly methods of printing since during printing no water or chemicals harmful to the environment are used. Printing is also done on fabrics from natural fibres and in efforts to reduce textile waste, only the amounts of fabrics ordered are being printed. While looking for a more sustainable way of creating one of kind garments, accessories or any textile product, consider printing your custom fabrics with a digital textile print shop.