Indofil Innovative Solution (IIS) is a part of Indofil Industries Ltd, belongs to K. K. Modi group of Companies. We at Textile Chemical Division, committed to innovate and  serve customers and fulfil their rising demand in terms of performance and ecology.

Being inherited strong acrylic chemistry from renowned Rohm and Haas, USA, our products for printing, finishing and technical textile are well established in the domestic as well as international market.

Indofil  has a well-equipped manufacturing infrastructure, a result oriented Research & Development team, and an excellent domestic and international distribution network.

Indofil in Technical Textiles &Coatings -

Technical textiles and Coatings is one of the fastest growing segments in the textile industry worldwide. A major driving force behind the dynamism in technical textiles is innovation, and a key source of this is chemistry. Indofil is ideally placed to support the needs of customers in this space with a wide range of products which suit various applications.

Technical textiles are used in a wide range of end-use applications and markets, including agricultural, automotive, building/construction/ engineering, medical and hygiene, packaging, protective clothing; sports and sportswear; and transport. The Textile Business of Indofil offers a wide range of products from Acrylics, Poly Urethanes to Water Repellent which seek to fulfill the customer requirements.

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