If a woman is looking to enhance her silhouette, shapewear works like magic.

Every girl dreams of a svelte body that can fit into all those outfits she aspires to shimmy in but cannot. At such times shapewear can prove to be her knight in shining armour.

It’s true that a woman’s lingerie drawer is already stocked with a variety of comfortable bras and super soft and sexy underwear, but it should also be filled with great shapewear. We are living in an era where different body shapes are celebrated and accepted, and finding the right shapewear shouldn’t be a herculean task. Time it is to own and pull off great shapewear and get those runaway curves under control.

Why Shapewear

Choosing shapewear is a great option to fit in your favourite clothes, be it a cocktail dress, evening party attire or work clothes. Whether you are attending a party or heading to the office, it is the perfect go-to option. You don’t have to wear something that’s going to change your figure completely. Instead, it’s about enhancing your silhouette and here shapewear works like magic.

●          Slim Look

To get the desired slim figure, wearing the shapewear is the perfect choice. It helps to sculpt your figure by a couple of inches. And that’s why they are becoming a wardrobe essential giving you flawless curves and unparalleled confidence.

●          Body Contour

Shapewears are made from lycra fabric, which is an advanced microfibre structure. Therefore, the fineness of the material makes it almost invisible and helps in body contouring. Also, it gets concealed under your clothing so well that no one can have an inkling that there’s something within working on your curves!

●          Prop It Up

Wearing shapewear not only makes you look slim but also, its wide waistband provides extra support to the tummy. It allows you to achieve an elegant shape, helping you to slay every outfit.

Types of Shapewear

Shapewear targets specific body areas. There are different types of shapewear available for almost every part of the body – be it the waist or belly, lower abdomen, hips or thighs – and every woman should know her ace of spades when it comes to hitting the right spot.


From tummy slimmers to thigh shapers, shaper panties – different types of shapewear are available, which can reshape each of your flaws like a boss. So let’s have a look at the best bets that could flatter your figure: 

Flatten the Bulge - Tummy Shapewear

A tummy shapewear displays an enviably-toned figure, with the promise of a waistband that won't roll down. It hides the excess fat of tummy and comes with no zippers or hooks. This shapewear combines smoothing with ultimate comfort and seamless edges, thanks to its hydrofil fibre knit lining.

Bang on Sculptural Shaping - Thigh Shapewear

The key to having the appearance of slimmer thighs is using the specific shapewear. It targets your thighs, making them appear slimmer and toned. And here is the best part – it is absolutely not detectable underneath your clothing! There could be no better bang for your buck!

Spin-on Classic Desk - High waist shapewear

High waist shapewear covers your thighs and goes all the way up to your torso, usually hitting just below the bust. It is very efficient in showing a slimmer feminine look, cutting down the waistline. High waist shapewear is perfectly designed for smooth bulges that feel like a second skin.

Encompassing Corsets - Full Body Shaper

This extended body shaper is an excellent choice when you are looking for an all-round solution. Whether you’re looking to slim your silhouette or mask the unwanted bumps areas dramatically, the full-body shapers will certainly contour your body shape every time you gaze in the mirror. It provides you with shaped thighs, a defined waist, a lifted bust, and even a comfy alternative to a bra.

Be whatever the type is, shapewear provides a great foundation to help clothing drape properly and allow you to carry every outfit perfectly. So, go and grab one to fit yourself in every type of clothing.