Known for its modern romantic undertones, Chloe is one of the famous fashion houses in the world. The French luxury brand has been worn by various celebrities, including Madonna, Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz, Maggie Gyllenhaal and more. It was founded back in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, but has since come under the ownership of Richemont Group, which is a luxury brand holding company. Chloe offers a unique presence in the women fashion world and has directed several talented designers vested in developing glamorous modern designs. The French luxury fashion house is famous for becoming the first luxury brand to offer the iPhone-specific website version and its fantastic shopping experience.

The collection

Chloe offers several luxury fashion wear, accessories and collection, but there is more to why it features among the top fashion brands in the world. After serving for several decades, their romantic, enchanting style has become a trademark you can use to distinguish the Parisian fashion house from the rest. Chloe is also among the top luxury brands online with a dedication to providing premium quality services. Chloe’s fashion collection includes:

a)        Accessories

From cardholders to earrings, silk-blend scarves, bracelets, purses, belts, necklaces, rings and many more, Chloe has an extensive list of luxury fashion accessories for women. You can also choose from a wide colour range, trims, designs and materials. The house focuses on premium quality materials and a glamorous outlook that suits romantic settings or professional tranquility.

b)        Ready-to-wear

Chloe offers a wide variety of designer coats and jackets, dresses, knitwear, skirts, tops, trousers, jeans and more. You can find high-quality designs to wear for any event, casual or official and there are several choices to accommodate everyone’s needs. Whether you seek a sleeveless silk top, printed midi dress, or wool jacket, Chloe has several premium offers you can order online.

c)        Bags

Chloe’s bags are simply some of the most stylish and innovative luxury fashion bags you will find online. Chloe's philosophy of glamour and romance is best manifested in their exquisite collection of women bags. There is every stylish design you might think of, including bucket bags, mini bags, shoulder bags and vanity bags, among others. You can also choose according to Chloe's designers and lines, which include Aby, Annie, Chloe C, Drew, Faye, Marcie and Roy.

d)        Shoes

Just like top brands such as Fendi, Chloe offers several options for those seeking stylish luxury women shoes, including classic slingbacks, ankle boots, sandals, sneakers, trainers, loafers, pumps, mules and more. There are numerous unique designs and subtle differences for each shoe made within the different categories, so you can have both Chloe's C Sandals and Daisy Sandals. While very similar, these two have vital differences that make them perfect neighbours in your home collection.

Why choose Chloe?

When Aghion founded Chloe back in 1952, he aimed to provide exceptional quality ready-to-wear that could be bought off the racks. Although off-the-rack shopping has been replaced by online shopping for most modern fashion enthusiasts, famous brands like Chloe focus on creating a distinct shopping experience. You also get genuine quality luxury fashion wear and accessories. Here are some of the reasons why Chloe is loved by many.

          The It bag

Chloe boasts a cult-like following around its stunning feminine luxury bags. From shoulder bags to clutches, Chloe's handbags reflect the hallmarks of exceptional design unmatched by any other luxury brand. Their romantic women bags feature peak quality materials and modern romance-inspired style that has seen the brand become popular in supermodel runways. Every model and actress knows to get their bags from Chloe, which is dedicated to creating romantic glamorous and stylish pieces with hints of modern design.

          Free-spirited designs

Chloe has been known to tap young talents in a bid to enrich the brand's collection with modern ideas while preserving its core values and philosophies of femininity. Of its many attributes, Chloe boasts the world’s leading designers at its helm and is known for a predominantly bohemian free-spirited aesthetics. You can choose items made in Italy, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Spain by talented designers and collaborations. Chloe’s goal is to keep reinventing the wheel for the most attractive women luxury fashion designs, especially bags.

          Specific to the needs of women

Chloe is one of the few famous luxury fashion houses online that serve a particular niche. If Chloe is known for anything, it is their complete focus on women's fashion wear and accessories. Their elegant silhouette perfects the encapsulation of both femininity and sophistication. It is a one-stop destination for any woman looking for elegance, confidence and authentic expression of their femininity. From the enchanted yarn of Natacha Ramsey to the neo-hippy consciousness, silken seduction and legendary romance of Chloe’s new girl, the house offers several categories of luxury fashion wear for all women.


Chloe is a heritage designer that many brands are happy to partner with. As such, they have the unique opportunity to harness the best materials and create unique accessories and fashion items customised for women seeking premium quality, functionality and undisputed visual appeal. If elegance and sophistication are among your top priorities when shopping for luxury fashions, you will find Chloe irresistible. It is a world-famous fashion house with several trademark designs, including the first-ever "It Bags" and spectacular Snooky Sneakers.