Agus is an anti-viral technology designed to solve challenges being faced by fashion brands in today’s time. Demand for fashion products is at an all-time low while stores are non-operational. Further, no major changes in consumer demand can be foreseen for the next few months.

Fashion brands are concerned about the fallen demand from consumers. Fashion trends are likely to evolve and having too much or too little inventory can be devastating as experienced for Spring Summer 2020. Stores are non-operational & consumers are not expected to drastically move online as there is a minimal stimulus to purchase. Even if stores open, fit trials might not be allowed which can further suppress demand.

Agus Anti-Viral Technology can help your brand overcome many of these challenges during this pandemic and stir up demand. The various challenges which Agus is able to eliminate in this tough business climate include

     Agus makes garment trials more sanitary and reduces the risk of virus infection by neutralizing 99% virus in less than 10 minutes

     Agus enables your fashion brand to enter a space of personal protection gear while delivering the same styling which is loved by your customer

     Agus can assist you in adding new product ranges such as anti-viral gloves, masks, and cover shields

     Agus Anti-Viral Textiles has the potential to replace the entire wardrobe of consumers to assist them with staying protected for the foreseeable future

The Agus technology includes numerous anti-viral systems which can eliminate viruses on clothing. The time taken to neutralize viruses varies in each system. Further, wash performance starts at 15 washes and can be customized beyond 30 washes for certain systems. Agus is available in a majority of woven fabrics ranging from cotton, rayons (viscose, modal, tencel), polyester, and elastane blends.