As the world reluctantly prepares to get back to work, everyone is anxious knowing the risks of getting back. Companies want their businesses to start but don’t know how to safeguard their employees’ health and reassure them of a safe workplace. Employees, knowing the potential risks, don’t know if it is wise to resume work.

A few plastic masks and hand sanitizers distributed throughout the offices do not really scream protection. Many untrained employees end up reusing such masks and many others take them off for long durations. Hands are constantly being used to adjust these masks while helping viruses get on and get off the mask.

In a nutshell, “the workplace” in the 21st century is not prepared. We are telling our soldiers wearing steel helmets to go fight a war knowing very well the next bullet could pierce through.

Companies and employees want more holistic protection. Agus Anti-Viral Workwear attempts to solve this problem at a minimal cost. An Agus uniform set consisting of an anti-viral shirt, pant, mask, and cotton glove cover all important contact areas for an employee while neutralizing any virus within minutes.

There is a very real chance that an employee who is infected, asymptomatic, or undiagnosed contaminates many others at work. Agus creates an anti-viral barrier around potentially sick employees while making it difficult for them to spread the virus. Viruses are neutralized when a sick employee coughs or sneezes into their mask, glove, or shirt. Agus works even when a sick employee wipes “wet” hands on their trouser!

Healthy employees, too, are protected. Contaminated surfaces such as files, table-tops, and printer buttons are not able to infect a healthy person as any contact is protected through Agus. Agus can help your workplace become a more healthy and secure place while trying to battle the pandemic of our generation.