With the current COVID-19 pandemic still predominantly present across the globe, it is vital that we focus on maintaining good physical and mental health, as well as preparing for essential apparel to wear within the upcoming Autumn and Winter months.

In this blog, Heinnie Haynes is going to go through the essential apparel for the everyday adventurer and the best picks to choose from to keep yourself protected from the cold, whilst being able to still enjoy the scenery around you.

Base Layers & Underwear

From long johns and vests, to compression leggings and diving skins, if you are in the outdoors for a long period of time during cold spells then it is essential that you wear a main base layer to begin with, as they help to regulate your overall body temperature and improve your overall physical performance.

When focusing on terms of the best materials for base layers, the most common type used is a broad category of synthetic, as they are hard wearing and provide the best wicking performance (this means less sweat will be retained.) This is usually created with polyester mixed with another material, such as polypropylene.


Every outdoor adventurer needs to wear apparel that is both long lasting and also creates ease for outdoor activities, such as mountaineering, airsoft, climbing, trekking, bush craft and even walking.

In terms of material, you need to find a provider who sells trousers specifically designed for outdoor use. So, do not consider any trousers that maybe denim for instance, because as it gets wet, it offers no insulation and will never dry in a quick period of time.

Top Layers & Jackets

When looking at the perfect top layer, they need to be both wind/waterproof and be long enough to create a good overlap with your trousers and complete with an attachable hood. When looking at the materials it should be ideally breathable and lightweight. Also, the perfect jacket/outerwear apparel needs to be complete with high quality materials and durability.

Headgear & Scarves

The human body releases a lot of heat through the head, which means if you are an adventurer who likes to explore for a long period of time during the colder months, then you need to ensure that you have a good quality, comfortable hat to maintain that all important heat, and prevent it from escaping.

To further maintain that essential heat towards the top half of your body, a scarf is also an ideal choice, as you can place it around your mouth during long expeditions and it will create a form of insulation and a pocket of warm air. This pocket of insulation then helps to decrease the stinging sensation you may have with the harsh temperatures on your face and cuts down any pain and discomfort that may be preventing you from doing your best.


It may sound obvious, but having the right footwear can help protect you against the adversities of the environment, especially if you are on rocky and uneven terrains. Therefore, it helps to prevent injuries.

When looking towards the colder months, boots are more than likely the best option, as not only can they help maintain the insulation of heat for your feet, but they also keep them protected.

Anti-Slip Soles & Ice Grippers

If you are a regular adventurer, then it is definitely worth considering some additional footwear options for your safety. For example, the use of anti-slip soles for the bottom of your footwear can help you across certain ground types, which is especially useful; as frosts and rainy weather are especially more prominent during the autumn months and continually progress within the winter months.

Furthermore, if you prefer to explore more on mountainous and challenging areas, then in the winter months, you need to consider purchasing ice grippers, which simply go over your footwear and help to decrease the chances of potential falls.

During this current pandemic, it is vital that you keep exploring the outdoors to help regain positivity and increase your overall health. But, it is also a good idea to plan in advance for the different weather condition changes that will arise sooner than you think.

Plan ahead and enjoy your adventures.