Home - the ultimate go-to place plays a vital role in making us feel comfortable and happy. What makes the home- a happy place?

Home decors and designs decide the look, feel, and style to make it a happy place. And textile has always been a major part of home decors and designs. Home textiles include everything used to furnish the home from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom. 

Over the years, consumers worldwide have started investing in home furnishing, designing, and decoration. The global home textile market is valued at US$94.73 billion in 2018. Currently, the home textile market is growing at a CAGR of 5.01 percent and expected to reach US$133.4 billion during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025. 

The UK is one of the most significant contributors to the home textile industry. The UK home textile industry has advanced technologies, great designers, and high-quality fabrics to deliver as per the consumers' needs and demands. The UK's home textile brands are all set to rule the global home textile market with a wide range of home textiles, such as bed linens, toilet linen, kitchen linen, table linen, curtains, draperies hand-woven, and needle-worked tapestries, and many others.  

UK home textile brands are continuously chasing innovation, technology, and sustainability to deliver the best in the market. Here are some fantastic UK home textile brands to consider while purchasing home decors and furnishing goods. 

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De Le Cuona

De Le Cuona is a UK based company world-famous for producing luxury linen. The group was founded in 1992 by British designers Bernie De Le Cuona. She invented "Stone Wash," a unique technique for linen production, which creates texture roughness and faded paint to achieve a vintage and classy look. 

So Klara

So Klara has been discovering beautiful home decors with vibrant textiles and painting since 2014. A London based designer - Klara is the creative mind behind bringing a sense of energy, playfulness, empowerment, and job in home textiles. 

So Klara highly focuses on visually rich designs that bring a curiosity, style, and liveliness to modern homes. The brand contributes greatly to the home textile market of the UK.

Coco & Wolf

Coco & Wolf is a contemporary and luxury bedding and lifestyle brand founded in 2013 with a vision to create an inspiring collection for the outdoor furniture market. The woman behind this UK based luxury outdoor furniture is Amy – A UK based home textile designer. 

Coco & Wolf has a great collection from the tiniest clothes to the prettiest bedding. The group is dedicated to designing the home around contemporary clean shapes, mix printing, and luxurious fabrics with modern styling. 

Couvert D'amour

Couvert D'amour was founded in 2016, by London born textile designer Vanessa Anne. Initially, Couvert D'amour was started with small handmade quilts and cushions in the London textile market. In today's time, the group is well-known for its fun, unique, and elegant designs. 

Couvert D'amour holds a passion for striking contemporary designs with bold colors, fine details, and quality finishes.

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Peter Reed

Peter Reed has been manufacturing finest linens since 1861, founded by Peter Reed. The group is committed to delivering best-embroidered bed linen and personalized items, including duvet covers, sheets, embroidered linen napkins, pillowcases, fitted sheets, and many more home-textile items in UK home-textile market. 

Peter Reed has outstanding collections of classic embroidery, signature cords, country manor, and vintage. 

Mairi Helena

Mairi Helena was founded in 2016 with the vision of Maire Wilks' to add more colors to the home textile market of the UK. Mairi Helena label designs luxury home textile by giving a contemporary Scottish soft touch to the interior as well as fashion accessories. 

The label has combined a love of landscape and nature with vivid colors to bring life to printed textiles and wallpapers. 

Emma Hardicker

Emma founded Emma Hardicker in 2009 with a vision to produce vibrant artwork for the interior. The UK based home textile label has limited edition prints, commission paintings, greeting cards, and a fabric range to create a distinctive style that runs through all printed work. Emma Hardicker prints are highly inspired by nature and botanicals to give a bold and vibrant look. 

Emma is committed to delivering timeless quality work with both modern and classic interior. 

All these home-textile brands of the UK are ruling the global home textile market with their unique and amazing collections. 

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