Whoever said costumes are just for Halloween was lying! As if looking smoking hot wasn't a good enough reason to wear sexy costumes in your bedroom, keep reading to find out what else something as seemingly frivolous as some cute little bunny ears can do for your relationship.

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Bring spontaneity back into your relationship

Do you sometimes feel like the lovemaking in your relationships has gotten a little stale? You're not alone - most couples in long-term relationships report a decline in both the quality and quantity of their lovemaking over time. The reason is simple: once you get to know someone very well, the butterflies and little shivers of excitement you get doing something for the first time are long gone. But just because this is typical, that doesn't mean you have to stand for it! Putting on a sexy outfit in the bedroom is sure to surprise your man, and that surprise will bring you both back to the very beginning of your relationship, when you were still discovering each other. Not to mention the fact that you went out of your way to turn your man on is sure to be a gesture he won't forget.

Live out both your fantasies

Does the idea of being at your man's service no matter what his orders may be get you all tingly in all the right places? Get a maid costume and show him just how much you care about keeping the master of the house satisfied. Or maybe you'd prefer to be the one showing your bad boy his place as he lies handcuffed to the bed and you decide what should be done with him? The sexy policewoman costume would suit you perfectly, you dangerous woman! Long story short, there is a sexy costume to help you bring any fantasy either of you have to life.

Understand your partner better

Living out your fantasies together will do more for your relationship than just make the time you spend in the bedroom that much more fun. Exploring new avenues of pleasure in the bedroom together will also bring you closer and help you understand each other better. Not only is it exciting to learn something new about someone you thought you knew inside and out, but having a new experience together is sure to be a bonding experience.

Better lovemaking and a better relationship? Talk about getting two birds with one stone! Turns out that a little effort really does go a long way, and the longer you've been together, the truer that is. Not to mention that your man is sure to want to make it up to you…this is going to be a good year, after all!