The world has changed in the last few months and we have been thinking of new ways to adapt.

Amid this, we at RSWM Limited have invested time to inspire solutions to lead the way into a sustainable future. We take pride in launching our latest collection of yarns - Reboot for Autumn Winter 202122.

Made of rich fibre blends, Reboot for Autumn Winter 202122 will usher in a new approach towards yarns that would minimize harm on the environment. To achieve this goal, we have segregated our initiative into five stories - Ambience Reboot, Industrial Reboot, Social Reboot, Luxury Reboot, and Darkness Reboot.

Ambience Reboot: With this story we eye to break the barriers between indoors and outdoors, and hence, we have focussed the story on shades of nature green. These yarns are based on nature not only in terms of colour but also their form. This story comprises of blends that use cotton, linen and nylon, and is aimed at paving the way for a more organic perspective and sustainability towards the environment.

Industrial Reboot: When we speak about being environmentfriendly, we cannot ignore the issue of industrial waste. Hence, the second story of our collection revolves around the theme of Industrial Reboot, which symbolizes a belief in recycling and reusing material from industrial waste because these play a key role in creation of a responsible future. This story consists of recycled polyester blended with viscose, Sorona® and Linen.

Social Reboot: In the last few years, we have seen a rise in art from small communities across the globe. But at RSWM, we believe that as local becomes vocal, the global becomes focal too. With Social Reboot, we want to create a fusion between heritage and urban influences. So, we have made sure that our collection of yarn blends brings together a beautiful troupe of colours, textures and materials that can be found on the global bulletin board. We have blended yarns created from fibres like Fair Trade cotton, bamboo and hemp under this story.

Luxury Reboot: We believe that if we are changing our perspective towards everything else, then luxury should not be an exception to it. We aim to provide our customers with yarn blends using Ahimsa silk, modal and acrylic that can be used in producing luxurious products with minimal environmental effects. With this, we have come up with solutions to create yarns that offer the same luxurious experience but with a more responsible approach.

Darkness Reboot: Last but not the least, with Darkness Reboot, as the name suggests we aim to create a fresh perspective towards darkness and bring about a change in the feelings associated with it. When we think about darkness, most of us end up feeling fear or anxiety because we connect the dark to the unknown and feelings of uncertainty. But darkness also gives birth to several positives. It helps us identify what matters so that we can pay all our attention to just that. This story consists of rich contrasts and luminous winter tints to remind people that snow precedes the flowers that we see in spring and that after the darkest hour you see a fresh new ray of light. We have blended yarns using silk and cashmere for this story.

We are very excited to share our latest collection with you and with this, we hope to create a change that will enhance the environmental health as well as alter people’s perspectives so that they choose to evolve in a way that benefits us all in the long run.