As COVID-19 continues to cause disruption, the world continues to change in ways beyond our control. But if there’s one thing that’s become an inseparable part of our lives, it’s the face mask.

Covering up has become a part of the new normal and a face mask is our new ubiquitous protective accessory. The CDC-USA (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) has said that mask is the vaccine till we have a real vaccine. 

One mask that has managed to not only meet all the required criteria but also go above and beyond is the Wise Protec face mask.

The Wise Protec face mask technology is developed by Harvard alumnus Jorge Machado and his team of scientists. The team has developed a special coating that kills the SARS-Cov-2 activity by 99.9 per cent within 30 minutes on contact with the mask.

“By combining a variety of latest innovative technologies, we were able to create and launch the best social mask available in the market. Our unique fabrics are impregnated with special antimicrobial agents that provide a safe and extremely powerful protection from viruses, bacteria and fungi,” says Machado, who is also a co-founder of Wise Protec.

The Wise Protec technology came into limelight when the NHS (National Health Service – UK) started using its masks. Doctors at NHS are totally loving the new environmental-friendly approach to the current pandemic. During this pandemic, the NHS has consumed more than 650 million single use face masks. Now NHS is using the Wise Protec anti-viral masks to reduce the environmental impact single use masks can create.

The benefits of Wise Protec face masks have been covered by prominent media from Euronews, Mirror and Glamour to the Express. The European company also developed a strong retail presence in the UK and EU by serving the likes of LVMH, Dior, Primark, Amazon, John Lewis, and DHL, amongst others. After this success, the company was eyeing India as its most important market during this pandemic, due to its vast demography.

Wise Protec partnered with to exclusively launch its anti-viral masks for the Indian consumers. is the B2C arm of Fibre2Fashion – the world's largest textiles and fashion portal. Since the launch, the masks have been in high demand on various platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and Snapdeal.

What Makes It the Best-Performing Face Mask

Made in Europe, the three-layered Wise Protec face mask is engineered to self-sterilise. It is reusable for up to 50 washes with weekly washes; adding an extra layer of protection to daily life while simultaneously allowing the user to take an eco-friendly approach since it lasts for an entire year.

Wise Protec offers more benefits through its well thought out product range. In addition to anti-viral, the mask has properties such as moisture and temperature control, and high filtration. These masks are also available for kids in trendy solid colours such as blue, green, bright yellow, and coral.

“A very comfortable mask to wear which offers 99.9 per cent protection; it’s an absolute must have for everyone. Unlike other washable masks, it maintains its new look and shape even after washing. Since it’s good for 50 washes, it’s worth spending more on this,” said Rajasekar Iyer, chairman of Security and Analysis Ltd, and one of the first users of these masks in India.

Executives have started travelling with caution today and business travel has become stressful with the pandemic still in full swing. In today's scenario, protecting oneself becomes a high priority while travelling.

“Finding the right mask for work travel can be quite challenging and having one now is even more important. After using Wise Protec masks, I can never go back to any other mask. It serves as an inseparable and trusted travel companion,” said Vishnu Telang, CEO, Khushi Advertising Ideas Ltd.

Why Should You Go for the Wise Protec Face Mask

“When you’re purchasing a face mask, you want to consider not just the price but also a balance between multiple things, including filtration, breathability, durability, fit, long-term comfort, and safety,” says James Ward, a University of Cambridge engineer.

Users most love it for the breathability function. Most masks are highly discomfortable for prolonged hours of wearing. Wise Protec uses propriety technology in its fabric for ‘odour & moisture control’, which captures and neutralises any odour produced making it apt for wearing regularly and for long hours.

Below are few first-hand experiences of users who initially received these masks:

  • “By far the best mask I had. All other masks either feel loose or are very difficult to breathe in for longer periods. But with this mask, you can easily go for hours without removing it. Subsequently, I ordered for my whole family. My kids are loving theirs too!” said Vishal Patel, director, Wonder Masala.

  •  “Love it! especially for its most important aspect—the breathing comfort,” said Porinju Veliyath of Equity Intelligence India Ltd, on using the Wise Protec mask.

  •  “This is an excellent mask. Wearing it for 6 hours with comfort. Feels secured. Very comfortable,” said Hemant Shah of Vision Ltd.

  •  “No mask suited my skin before. Wise Protec is very soothing to the skin and does not cause even the slightest irritation or discomfort,” said Vanessa Raval, executive with an e-commerce company.

  •  “My experience with this mask has been great. I have tried 100’s of masks but nothing like this one,” said Shwetal Bhatt of Bluewing Holidays.

  • “I work in Silicon Valley and my parents live in India. I was highly concerned about their health as I was not with them during these trying times. I gifted them the Wise Protec masks and they loved it. Since then, I’m assured that my gift of safety to them is keeping them safer," said Vishesh Patel, a software engineer with Google Inc.

As the world is opening up for business, the face mask will very much continue to be a part of our lives. And if we have to live with a face mask in the foreseeable future, it should be the one that meets breathability standards and is comfortable to wear. It is important to do so with the right precautions, and most importantly the right mask.

With so much to gain at an all-inclusive price of 1,090, you can get your Wise Protec mask now on the channel of your choice –, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and Snapdeal.