By : Adams Gill

Keywords are important in search engine optimization. We can say that getting the top ranking in any search engine is the game of Keywords. For understanding that game we have to understand that what is the main purpose of keywords?

Lets start with some examples that you go to a shopping mall to buy something. You must have your desired things name in your mind and you start searching that thing in the shopping mall. Suppose that shopping mall as a whole internet and the shops in that malls are like search engines. You go to every shop and tell them about your desire. Now its the time of the proper narration of your desire. You tell them that I need shoe. And you dont tell him about the brand and for whom you want. Shopkeeper got confused that either you want shoe for your own or you want shoe for your child or for your wife. He picks some sort of shoe and will give to select. When you start reviewing them you come to know that these are not that you want. You have wasted you time. To full fill your need you have to tell the shopkeeper about your requirements.

What you want?
For whom you want?
What brand you want?
What size you want?

These are all the things that you have to say to the shop keeper than you can get your desired thing according to your requirements.

The same way search engine works. They dont know who are you? Why are you here? What is your need? You have to tell them about yourself other wise what happened theyll guess about your need by their self and can give you the wrong result which is not that what you want. That is not only wastage of time also that wastage of money which is indeed a big loss as well.

Question is why we are emphasizing on keywords?

Because search engine doesnt understand banners they cant translate images on your sites. Keywords are the only that can be understandable by the search engine in your content. So here we came to know that dont ever use much images on a page. Make your pages with the quality content.

What is quality content?

A quality content that is understandable by the human not only to the search engines. Second one is the proper placement of your targeted keywords. Thats called keyword density That doesnt mean that plenty of keywords in the content and there is no understandable content. When we talk about the proper placement of keywords that mean use it where its needed. Mind it as I said before dont make pages only for the search engine spider. Make it for the humans. Optimize every page for the target keywords. Dont optimize only one page. As for search engine spider every page is an individual. It separately reviews them and gives them marks that we called Page Rank. The perfect keyword density will help you to achieve higher search engine positions.

What are you target keywords?

Target keywords are not that you are thinking about your business. That might be right but the proper way is to ask other people around you. Ask them that how they search your business on the internet. Like if you have service and you want to know what key phrase most of the people use on the internet for finding it. Get ideas from as many people as you can. Keyword suggestion tool are also plays very important role in it. Most popular the overture keyword suggestion tool that show the number of hit for that keywords as well.

Find out the keywords with less compaction and having number of search per day. Get top 10 or top 20 keywords. And dont only depend on them. Continue keywords searching. As I said earlier the game of keywords once you complete is safely youll be on the top of the world. Very Best of Luck To All Of You.

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