As a bride prepares for her wedding day, she must plan to purchase more than just a bridal gown. Women no longer dress casually during their engagement season, handpicking the perfect outfit for every event. Women search for different outfits that can be worn at their honeymoon, bachelorette weekend, luncheons, and showers. As bridal fashion has evolved, there are many notable differences in the trends that are appearing across the industry. In this article, we will reveal ways that bridal fashion has changed over the last decade.

1. Bold and Gold Rings

Formerly, rings had a modest design and a white silver band. Now, rings come in bold shapes and sizes. Not only are the current ring designs capable of holding massive diamonds, they have thick bands. Commonly, these bands are moulded with yellow silver or gold. In addition to larger rings, it is becoming increasingly common for individuals to have multiple wedding bands surrounding their diamond. Rather than choosing bands and diamonds at separate places, there are perfect wedding sets that are designed to pair perfectly on your finger. As ring styles change, people are choosing to wear bold dresses that complement the vibrancy of their diamond.

2. Naked Back Dresses

Many bridal gowns are now totally bare in the back. With halter, high-neck, and plunged necklines, these dresses reveal the entire backside of the upper body. This type of bodice allows women to creatively show off their skin while still wearing the type of neckline that they prefer. Lace, satin, and beaded dresses can be complemented with an open back.

3. Short Dresses

For decades, long wedding dresses have reigned in the front lines of bridal fashion. Over the last five years, jumpsuits have appeared on the scene. This year, brides are choosing to wear short gowns on their big day. As people move away from traditional all-white ceremonies, they are experimenting with shorter dress styles. These dresses open a new door of opportunity to find a perfectly fitting gown. Since many people do not prefer wearing long gowns, this new style accommodates the preferred style of all brides.

4. Mismatched Bridesmaid Gowns

One major aspect of the wedding palette is the colour that is worn by bridesmaids. If you have been to many weddings, you have likely heard a horror story about a horrible dress that a bridesmaid had to wear. Now, women are giving their bridal party the ability to choose from a variety of dresses. Some brides release colour schemes and allow their friends to select any gown that falls within the spectrum. Other brides handpick multiple dresses and allow their brides to choose between the options. This new trend adds texture and vibrancy to the palette of the event.


Bridal fashion is revolving at a rapid pace. Beyond the traditional wedding gown, brides are coming up with innovative ways to wear white throughout the entire engagement season. As they choose the gown that they will wear, they find strategic ways to highlight their rings. In addition, brides creatively choose bridesmaid gowns that flow with the overall palette of the event. As weddings become smaller, we will likely see more transformations in the fashion industry.