Wedding shoes are the second most important choice a bride will have to make for her attire, her gown being the first. It is important that her shoes compliment her gown and, like her dress, are perfect in every way. In order to choose the right bridal shoe for the wedding day, the modern bride has many things to consider.

Comfort Comes First

The most important thing that a bride must consider when choosing the right pair of shoes for her big day is comfort. The wedding is quite a long process that will require the bride to be on her feet and looking lively for the whole time. It is not a pretty sight to see a bride limping up the isle, wincing in pain on her big day. This will mean that a pair of comfortable shoes is a must. The bride should also make sure to break her shoes in a short while before the wedding to avoid any chance of discomfort.

Heel Types

All wedding shoes have heels, but the bride should pay special attention to the type of heel the shoes have that she is trying on. Ideally, slightly wider heels will provide more comfort and stability; stiletto type bridal shoes do look very elegant, but can be murder when walking in them all day, especially if the bride is not accustomed to wearing them.

About Materials

The material that the shoe is made from is also very important. It was once very popular to wear satin shoes. Not all brides like satin, especially if they are wearing a shorter type of dress. The bride will need to consider what she is wearing, as well as the type of material that she likes. Remember that the brides shoes are an accessory to the perfect outfit and should be chosen to match and compliment the entire ensemble.

What About Colors?

Another trend that is being seen more often with brides are dyed shoes. Many brides no longer want traditional white. Brides often choose their wedding shoes in their favorite colors or to the themed colors of the wedding party. If dyed shoes are a preference, the bride should make sure to have the shoes professionally dyed to avoid the risk of the shoes looking uneven or being ruined.

Shoes For The Groom

Weddings are becoming less traditional and more relaxed as time goes by. One thing that will never change is the color of the shoes worn by the groom and his groomsmen. The most common color and style preference for the men in the wedding party are black formal shoes. Different styles and materials can be chosen to suit the theme of the wedding, whether it is traditional or ultra modern. Soft leather will usually provide the most comfort and stylish looks.

The Bridal Party

The brides maids and matron of honor will usually have a style and color shoe to compliment the dresses that they are wearing. Often, the same color theme is used for everyone in the bridal party, as well as the same style. This can be a difficult task for the bride to find the same style and color shoe in different sizes. The bride must also consider the comfort of her bridal party. Beautiful shoes will compliment the outfits worn, but like the bride the bridesmaids and matron of honor will be on their feet for the whole day, so shoes that are as comfortable as possible must be considered.

The Mother Of The Bride

As one of the extinguished guests of honor at the wedding the mother of the bride will need to look her part. A set of stylish shoes and matching handbag will compliment her outfit. Ideally, the mother of the bride should look for a shoe with a small heel for maximum comfort for the long day ahead.

Before purchasing shoes for others, the bride will need to get those in the bridal party to come along and have fittings and comment on the different choices. The best time to try on shoes is at the end of the day. It is recommended that shoes be tried on when the feet are at their largest, that way there will be plenty of room in the shoes after a long day on your feet.

There are so many quality bridal shoes to choose from and the bride will have a difficult choice finding the perfect shoes to suit everyone, including herself. Since shoes are such a personal choice, the bride may find that not everyone will be able to agree. Ultimately, the choice of what shoes will be worn on the day is up to the bride and what she wants for her special day.

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