People who know fashion believe that it helps in alleviating their mood. And since COVID happened, we desperately need a positive boost. You may assume we are not able to practice fashion to the fullest these days, but it is possible if we put the pieces wisely.

To have a meaningful boost of style, confidence, or energy in current times, we can experiment with sartorial hacks like wearing cool neck gaiters or masks to look different and feel funkier. But if you are quarantined or working from home, it becomes difficult to wake up and freshen up nicely.

Focusing your attention in these times on developing fashion will help you in exploring your taste. Here are some 'proven to be beneficial' ways to spend time with yourself and style better than yesterday.

Have A Routine

During such critical times, with most individuals self-isolating/self-quarantining, getting out of bed every day seems more of a challenge. And productivity has weighed heavily on us with that. But having a routine lets us experience life in an organised way.

While in quarantine, a routine is something that you should strictly adhere to change these grumpy mornings well enough to make the day more natural.

Get up and prepare for what you're going to wear as you do pretty much every day. Do the morning rituals like brushing your teeth, washing your face, or showering, and then wear the clothes the way you want to feel instead of the way you already feel.

Wear More Colours

Although you are at home and nobody will see you, you still need to improve your life's quality by maintaining grooming activities and trying morning forays in your wardrobe.

Based on research, colours actually affect your mood. So if you cannot go out, customise and order masks or create neck gaiters to add colours and fun to your look; this also makes you energised and cheerful. Change into your PJs only when you want to laze around, otherwise put on proper clothes while working and some bright colours to feel energetic.

To embrace fashion, give yourself a chance. You'll be surprised at how your clothes can affect your attitude and affect your learning capabilities.

Dress Up Properly

Following fashion at the workplace is a perfect opportunity to convey yourself. We adorn ourselves to uphold our workplace's decorum, and with each style, we connect non-verbally to the surrounding people, consciously or unconsciously.

While people cannot work in the office because of the outbreak of COVID-19, many have had consecutive zoom meetings. Label each new day at these times by 'shifting a feel'. Focusing on the organisation and who you are interacting with, switch your outfits.

Keep it softened, but be creative and chic from how you'd commonly dress to work. You might easily couple a blazer with a sophisticated shirt or a sweater to offer the best combination of formal and comfortable.

While you wouldn't like to look overdressed or oblivious to the present state of the environment, you also don't want to seem like you've let everything go. It's not only a video call to establish interaction and show your abilities but also your fashion stability.

Develop Sense of Style

In discovering your style, you explore more about yourself. Who we are is fairly obvious by what we hold. Since fashion is a type of language: the clothes we wear every day represent the way we see ourselves and how we want everyone to view us.

Strive to find the clothes you want. It doesn't involve getting new things, but beginning with your own wardrobe to build a sense of fashion. Talk about the bits and the causes behind the dress that you really cherish.

Question if the fabric makes your clothes special because of how it feels against your skin or the form-fitting bright patterned shirt? It will reveal a wealth of information about what's essential to you to recognise why you enjoy wearing these clothes.

Create or Recreate

Go a step ahead if you're particularly interested in fashion or want to design, repurpose old or unused clothes. You can't go out buying clothes in these times, anyway. Put effort and time into planning a fashion-focused crafting activity for yourself.

Look at the things you have onboard, and then get the stream of creative ideas. Go wild with conducting experiments and be transparent with recreating your clothes. Take simple sewing lessons from YouTube or Google if you want to go a step forward.

Personalise Your Style

Emphasise on DIYs, don't worry about doing it flawlessly. Go online, use websites, and create fun designs on masks, neck gaiters, or patches. It's all about you appreciating your persona in your production, so be free, be creative, and be conscious of what you create.

We can add personalisation to worn-out clothes to allow ourselves to establish our own distinctive and individual look. Crafting can relax and help ease the tension you may feel. Our mental wellbeing is improved by engaging in a mindful task, as it allows us to pay attention to our thoughts and emotions.

You're also providing your mind a boost while you're creating by concentrating on one thing, and the feeling of achievement you get could enhance your self-esteem and improve overall health.

Sort Out Your Closet

If you have sorted out your closet like many of us during this lockdown and are stuck with a clothing rack and things you would never use, here are a few ideas to make better use out of them.

Make a tee-blankee: Make a funky comforter, cut pieces from old tee shirts, and stitch them together.

1. Create a bag using old jeans: It does not involve stitching - it will work well with super glue.

2. Create coffee cup sleeves using old sweatshirts: Just cut off your sleeves to go around your mug and make your experience more interesting with coffee.

3. Cut flannel shirts to make fashionable winter scarves.

4. It is possible to cut ripped tights or long socks and use them as vibrant bandanas.

There is a lot you can do to put your fashion into practice this year. Try these tips, and we wish you well.