By:Andrew Regan

With winter upon us, it's time to invest in warm coats and boots. But while some may feel tempted to stick to more traditionally shaped winter coats and plain boots in order to ensure maximum protection from the cold, it is important to remember that your winter wear needn't make you look like a bundled-up penguin. Some of this season's most noticeable coat trends include voluminous shapes and a rich variety of colours, while boot fashions continue to generate more and more elaborate modes of footwear at every turn.

This year anyone looking for a stylish winter outfit can choose from a number of different designers tulip or cocoon shaped coats for an elegant look. Fashion seekers with a tall frame, can choose a puffier style; however, sticking to a more tailored shape is to be advised for everyone of medium or shorter frame. These coats are best worn with skinny jeans or leggings and knee-high boots. When choosing boots for this particular style, flat boots or heels will work well - but it is best to keep your footwear as simple as possible and avoid any ornate styles.

Double-breasted coats are also a fantastic style to go for this winter, though they often aren't as easy to wear as some of the more tailored shapes. Avoiding these is important for those with a more-filled out shape, as this style can make some wearers seem rather top-heavy. However, short double-breasted coats often look good, particularly with over-sized buttons, and can impart a more androgynous style when worn in a darker, longer shape. It's always best to wear double-breasted coats with high-heeled boots, to offset any possible unflattering elements this coat might bestow on its wearer.

Pea shaped coats reflect the mod-style that was carried throughout the summer trends and again have translated well into the winter season through more swingy, 1960s-inspired shapes. As with tulip-shaped coats, these frequently won't work with skirts or dresses, and are best worn with trousers that have a tapered leg. For a more interesting look, a pea shaped coat with biker-style boots can get heads turning. New Rock Boots, for instance, offer a range of biker-style boots that are designed to appeal to rock music and heavy metal fans; so pairing them with a sophisticated coat design could give you that extra element of wildness that makes others notice.

Belted coats may seem like a heavy shape to wear this winter, but when this style is twinned with fine tweed, it can give off a startlingly effeminate look. Avoid wearing bulky items of clothing underneath and they should hang beautifully. Pair belted coats with a feminine pair of boots and you're sure to create an image for yourself that will lift you from those winter doldrums. Clearly, coats and boots are essential items to partner for this winter's fashion season. Make sure you choose suitable boots to match your winter coat and you might find that you'll stop more than just the bus in the mornings.

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