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The first rule to buy a new pair of shoes is: Never buy a pair of shoes without having both your feet measured. It is not uncommon for your feet to be two different sizes. If there is too much difference, you may have to decide if you need to buy two different sizes. Yes I have known of several people needing to do this every time he or she bought a pair of new shoes. Expensive, you bet, but we need our shoes to fit to avoid foot problems. I have a good friend who always has to buy two pair. He wears 2 sizes difference.

Not only should we measure, but all shoes do not run the same. We must always try on both shoes. Our feet are not usually exactly alike. You must buy to accommodate the foot that is a little larger. I wear a C width on one foot and a D+ on the other. Therefore I need to buy an extra wide or a D width. I can always put a pad in the other shoe. Be sure you have toe room, very important.

All retail shoe stores have measuring devices; even in the self service discount stores. If you do not know how to measure your feet, get the store personnel to assist you. They are usually very good about making suggestions if you need help. This is according to the medical association

. This causes many types of foot problems. Many young adults do not measure. Later in life their feet may end up with all types of problems such as bunions, hammer toes, fallen arches ,or corns. All of these problems plus other can cause a great deal of misery.

Always buy your shoes late in the day, when your feet are swollen and are very tired. you will get a better fit. Wear the socks or hosiery you intend to wear with this pair of shoes. Doing these minor steps, you will always have a more comfortable fit. Never buy a pair of shoes thinking I can break them in. This usually does not work and we have another pair in our closet. Leather shoes do give some but synthetics do not.

Always try on both shoes. Many times we do this if we are in a hurry. They need to be comfortable immediately if they are not don't buy them. Go to a different style or larger size.

Walk around the store several minutes, just to see if they are comfortable. Don't just buy the size you purchased before, and they may fit fine. Your feet might not have changed. Especially as we age our feet tend to change and get more sensitive. We usually have more foot problems. Comfort is everything. Wear your shoes on the carpet when you get home and be sure they are right for you.

One big mistake we all make is buying shoes on sale whether they are a great fit or not, after all they are a great price. Women are very inclined to do this. Sometime at sales we tend to buy several pair of the same size and don't try all of them on for a good fit. We just assume they all fit alike. Most of the time they do not. Next spring when we get ready to start wearing them, we discover one is too narrow, one is short etc. Buying this way is just another pair or two in our closet. After all these are last years sale shoes, not returnable. Even if they fit last season, they may not fit next year. Usually going from work to retirement is the time our feet change. Why? we wear different type shoes, we go without shoes more or wear our house slippers more. Just something to keep in mind.

There are many items to consider when buying shoes. This is any shoe, you may be considering. The toe box should be deep and wide enough with about 1/2 in. at the end of the toe area. Does the arch of the shoes hit your arch correctly? This is most important. You do not want an aching arch. If your arch has fallen you may need an arch support. A podiatrist would need to fit you for a support. If you have a flat foot you may need to see a podiatrist for an arch support. You will certainly be more comfortable.

The heel should also fit properly. Your heel should never slip up and down. If it does you may need a narrow heel or a shorter shoe. The heel of the shoe should fit snugly around the your heel, no slippage, no rubbing, just a good snug fit. If the heel stretches, you may need to get a heel wrap to put in the shoe heel. Sold at most drug or shoe stores.

One more thing to watch for is this. When buying especially at self serve store, be sure you get 2 shoes of the same size and a right and left shoe. This happens very often. Yes you can return them, but it takes your time to get it done.

In my experiences with selling shoes and owning a store, these are some of the problems to check for. Only you can choose your comfort level and can determine if this the shoes for you. Don't let a sales person make the judgment for you. Ill fitting shoes can turn into many foot problems.

Any foot problems should be diagnosed by your physician or a podiatrist, They can recommend the proper foot treatment and recommend a good shoe for your problem.

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Glenda has been in the shoe business 0ver 12 years in retail in Oklahoma. After selling my business their has been a great yearning to do it again. This time I will try the web. I hope to do as well. I have retired several times and always want to do it again. Please come shop with me. I will also offer personal shoe shopper service contact me Here ,

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