It is probably the one item of a wedding that the most thought goes into. Some people have an idea of what they want it to look like even before they find the person they are going to marry, but when there is such a variety available, how do you make a final decision on the dress?

Deciding on the fabric could help make things a little easier. If you can settle on what the gown will be made from, you will have a smaller pool to choose from. In addition to this, the fabric you pick will also dictate, to a certain extent, the styles available to you too.

If you want your dress to tie in seamlessly with your chosen theme, finding a fabric that is the perfect match will get you off on the right foot.

So before those wedding invitations go out, make a firm decision on the dress fabric and let the rest of the pieces fall into place.

Whats the season?

If you’re getting married during the warmer months, batiste offers a beautifully lightweight option. This breathable fabric is perfect if you are holding the celebrations outdoors.

Another lightweight option is georgette, which has some stretch providing a beautiful silhouette.

If you are tying the knot in the cooler seasons you’ll need a heavier fabric. The jacquard style of brocade is a popular choice and works perfectly in a more formal, regal setting.

Velvet also adds a touch of luxury to a winter wedding and can be used to great effect either as the material for the entire gown or used in embellishments such as collars or accessories like shrugs or hand muffs.

Whats the style?

If you have always dreamed of a formal wedding, then you really need to take a look at some damask dresses. Another jacquard fabric, it’s more lightweight than brocade so suitable year-round.

If you are looking for structure from your dress, you might like to look at the strength of faille to keep you gown in shape.

If you’re going for a more modern take, consider a less traditional shape for the dress and let the fabric do the talking. A simple cocktail dress made from heavy embroidered lace will offer all the elegance of a full gown with less of the formality.

Cotton is another informal option, one that’s perfect for a romantic beach ceremony among friends.

Whats the theme?

There are endless themes you can opt for but in recent years, a handful are leading the way.

Rising in popularity are vintage-style weddings. Opt for traditional fabrics such as silk, satin or crepe for this look.

If you are going for a more bohemian theme, lace or chiffon can add a dreamy, floaty quality to your outfit.

If your dream has always been for a fairytale wedding, look at fabrics such as taffeta, organza, tulle and gazar to make that dream a reality.

There are of course many, many more fabric options to choose from, but the above are some of the most popular options. If you do have an idea of the type of fabric you are leaning toward when you first step foot into the bridal store, the assistants will have a good starting point to help you from.