Riding motorcycles is fun, exhilarating, and gives you a sense of freedom. There is speed, adrenaline, and the best of all – biker clothing and accessories to look forward to! Bikers have an entire range of great gear that they can choose from – from jackets and helmets to boots and accessories. 

1. Helmet: A helmet is the most critical safety equipment for riders. According to BikeSafe, there are more than 60 motorcycle accidents in the UK per day. Helmets help prevent damage to the head and brain in case of collisions. However, just because the helmet is a piece of safety equipment does not mean it cannot be stylish. 

Helmets are available in full-face coverage (for maximum protection and style), flip-up (the visor lifts up from the face), face (covers the head but does not offer full-face coverage), front (covers only the top part of the head but leaves the rest exposed). All these helmets are available in various colours and styles. 

2. Jackets: Jackets are meant for protection, but they also serve as excellent fashion statements. Nothing says a badass biker as perfectly as a biker jacket. Biker jackets are of different types. Some are leather, faux leather, cotton, and even denim. After fabric, they are further classified into ones with askew or asymmetric zippers, without zippers, those with buttons, side pockets, and so on. Jackets have always been used as a form of protection. 

Some leather jackets come with little pockets for maps, sunglasses, hand warmers, and secret cash compartments. If you're looking to buy a good jacket, you could check out the comfortable yet stylish ones at Vanguard Clothes

3. Riding Pants: Riding pants should not be forgotten when going on long rides. If you're planning to ride a bike in the city, you can ignore riding pants, but if you plan to travel outside city limits, you should definitely invest in a good pair of pants. Riding pants are available in denim, leather, synthetics, and Kevlar. Most riding pants can be worn on top of shorts or existing trousers, and some even come with protective shin and knee coverings for aggressive riders or professional racers. 

4. Racing Suits: Whether you ride in the city or are planning a cross country trip, every rider should own at least one racing suit. Racing suits are lightweight, versatile, and are meant to protect the body in high-speed conditions. All racing suits come in leather since this material provides additional insulation and reduces friction on the outer surface (so that the body can roll off the bike in case of an accident). 

5. Boots: Boots are essentials for biker safety. Riding boots come with special metal boot tips for toe protection. Depending on the style of the bike, some boots also come with additional protection inside either boot to protect the foot during gear shifts. Riding boots are also known to have high top support for ankle protection and strong harnesses in place of laces.  

6. Gloves: Riding gloves are excellent for protection to the knuckles, palms, and fingers. Some gloves are meant for aggressive riding (in professional racing), while some are water-proof and have dust protection for long rides. Gloves come in cotton, synthetic materials, leather, and Kevlar for additional protection. These are available in all sizes (with extra small for children).

7. Eye Protection Gear: Goggles or sunglasses aren't meant only for fashion. They're also meant to protect the eyes from dust, gravel, and any other debris on the road. Eye gear helps avoid uncontrollable blinking while riding, itchiness, and discomfort and protects from flying bugs, harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, wind, and rain. 

8. Ear Plugs: Always wear regular earplugs while riding. The noise on highways, traffic, and the wind may cause irreversible damage to the eardrum. Avoid purchasing noise-cancellation ones since it is essential to hear all sounds, but ensure that the pair you are buying can dim the sound to a comfortable level. 

9. Knee Guards: Knee guards protect the knees in case of accidents. They add an extra layer between the knees and the road and absorb the impact. Knee guards should be worn on top of the pants and should sit snugly during the ride. 

10. Reflective strips: Most people fail to put reflective strips on their bikes and on helmets. Night riding is always dangerous, but putting reflective strips of clothing and the backs of the boots will help make yourself visible to other motorists and prevent accidents agreed Suitable Shop.