We are still grappling with a pandemic that appears to be here to stay for the long haul, and as people are adjusting to new ways of life, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being stylish about it. Masks have become part of our lives, and there are many establishments that have made it a mandatory for people to wear masks before getting services.

Although this has caused a lot of friction among some people, there are ways through which you can rock that mask stylishly by matching it up with the rest of your outfit. The following are the best ways to go about this.

Get a Quality Mask

The first step in looking chic with a mask is getting quality-looking masks, not the usual medical ones that are given free of charge. There are companies that have taken advantage of the situation to create high-quality and functioning masks that cater to a specific demographic that doesn’t mind splashing money on stylish masks. Check the quality of the fabric and ensure that besides looking good, the mask does exactly what it was designed for, and that’s keeping the viruses out. The mask also has to be comfortable on the face with quality N95-grade filters that will do more than keep the virus out but other contaminants as well. You can get more information on the proper use of an n95 mask here.

The Fabric


Because you are going for looks, the fabric material of the outer layer does matter a lot. You have the option of going for a solid silk mask, a daisy embroidered mask, or one made of pure cotton. The higher the quality of the fabric, the better the mask will look. Among the mentioned fabric types, the silk one is the fanciest and will give you that classy, expensive, and refined look you are going after. Still, you will have to be ready to splash a considerable amount of money on it because you will need more than just one. As far as dependency goes, the cotton one would be the best option for you as it is more natural on the face. Make sure you have them fitted by a designer to avoid ending up with an expensive mask that is either too big or too small for your face.

Colour Themes

Find a mask that has a neutral colour that can match with any other outfit in your wardrobe. If you have monochrome outfits, the better for you as they are easy to use with other colours, and when you coordinate them with a face mask, the look becomes complete. For example, if you have a white facemask, then you can pair it up with an all-white outfit and so forth. Simultaneously, you can mix and match colours that can blend well with each other—for instance, creating contrast by wearing a white mask with black outfits or mixing up yellows with greens or bright colors with earth tones. The possibilities are endless, and you can always check out ideas from online sites like Pinterest, where people post fashion tips all the time.

Add Prints


You may have come across people wearing masks that have all kinds of artwork on the fabric. These are called prints and are another great way of getting fashionable with face masks. These mask artwork can either be printed directly on the face masks after they are manufactured, or the designer can choose to use printed fabrics to make the masks, as long as they meet the medical standards. Masks that feature these kinds of artwork and prints are unique, and since they feature many colors, they can be paired with all kinds of clothes, especially casual wear.


You can also pair up the mask with other accessories like scarves, headgear, or bags. All you have to do is wear monotone clothes, like all black and have a floral mask paired up with a floral scarf or turban. This combination is the best idea you can have as it can go with just about any outfit as long as you match the mask to the accessories. Another great option would be matching it with the bag you are carrying, and this goes for both ladies and gentlemen. It could be a handbag for the women, or backpack for the gents, or a small bag they can wear around their waist. You can also match the mask with the cover on your phone, the possibilities are so many, and you are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Things You Shouldn’t Do 

As you try to find that winning combination of fashion and safety, you have to keep in mind the reason why we are still wearing masks. This way, you will not lose focus on protecting yourself from COVID-19. Therefore, the following are some of the things you should never do with your mask.

Do not wear a mask that is too big or too small for you. A mask that’s too big will leave a lot of space around it for the virus to sneak in, and that will defeat the entire purpose of masking up. If it is too small, you may struggle to fit it properly, and you may struggle to breathe. Always get a mask that fits you perfectly.

Do not repeat wearing the mask over and over again for too long. If you have the washable type, then clean them after every three days or so. Re-using a mask for too long will lead to other respiratory complications due to contaminated air.

Sanitising the mask to make it more potent against the virus only serves to do the opposite. Masks are already designed to keep off viruses to the best of their abilities; spraying them with Lysol, for instance, will only weaken them further instead.


Using your mask to create a fashionable identity is a good thing to try out during these trying times, but that should not come at the expense of your health. Always ensure the masks you chose to go with meet the safety standards. Serving looks will only make sense if you are sufficiently protected in the first place.