Undisputed leader in multi-category intimate fashion retail with more than 70 years of heritage as Turkey’s leading hosiery manufacturer and exporter, Penti has leveraged its dominant brand to transform and lead the modernisation of the organised retail market for women’s underwear, hosiery, beachwear and home wear in Turkey and around the globe.

Penti Corap's founders are two brothers, Mois and Yasef Kariyo, who started their journey in 1950 as two different companies. In 1970, the two companies merged and established "Ogretmen Corap" with its first production facility in Istanbul, Turkey.

The company continued its activities as "Ogretmen Corap" until 1983, when the brand name "Penti" was registered. Since then, various operations in terms of production, design, wholesale and retail sales of hosiery, underwear, and textile products and the activities related to administration, foreign trade, and customs clearance continue under the brand Penti.

In 1994, Penti expanded its operations and established its second production facility in Corlu, Turkey. Five years later, the company opened its first Penti retail store in Istanbul.

In 2012, the company joined forces with one of the world's largest venture capital, Carlyle Group.

Penti Corap started its journey by producing hosiery and has now grown into a massive operation under the Penti brand, including quality legwear targeting women and girls, with men's socks, home wear and activewear, intimates, and beachwear lines.

Today, Penti has a total of 600 stores both domestically and across the globe.

With an annual production capacity of over 86 million pairs of hosiery, Penti is the second largest manufacturer in the industry with brand recognition of 99.6 per cent.

"At Penti Corap, our focus is to provide sustainable, innovative, budget-friendly, high-quality, and desirable products. As COVID-19 pandemic had an immense effect on 2020 and 2021, we are very proud to state that our products have not been affected by these challenging times as we have demonstrated an admirable resilience against all challenges.

"We maintained healthy relationships with our business partners and continued our export operations with minimal impact. We kept our production lines running within every precaution that will provide our employees a safe workplace," the company said.

Penti won 3rd place in the "Great Place to Work Model" survey, where its employees' overall satisfaction rate increased to 75 per cent in 2020. "We'd like to thank our employees for considering us worthy of such an achievement and hope never to fail them."

As an industry-leading brand, we owned up to our expectations and met our prior goals, continued investment in R&D studies, and emphasised our approaches on the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental.

We continued supporting local development, empowering women, improving customer satisfaction, and setting new benchmarks within the industry. We managed to gain all this success with our unique team of the best of employees, valuable customers, and every stakeholder that forms our unbreakable value chain.

We stood by our motto "local for local" and ensured to procure our materials locally and from suppliers with whom we share the same ethical values and stance against child labour and forced labour. We improved and optimised our resource consumption and energy efficiency to provide products not only good to the eye but also good to our earth and consciousness.

Since 1950, with the participation of our employees, our company culture and values have been focused on continuous improvement and change. In addition to raw material and operational efficiency, customer satisfaction has always been at our centre.

Our main strategies are to make sustainable production that does not harm the nature and to integrate our production facilities and sales operations into the digital world by following the developing technologies in the world.