By: Lani and Allen Voivod

We've all been there.

We get a shining opportunity - Exciting! Inviting! - and we know it would add to our business success. But when the time comes for action, we freeze like a shoeless, sock-less toe on the vast arctic tundra.

Gosh, we hate that. That's why we're using 2007 as our official Business Breakthrough card. Want in?

Next time YOU get the urge to shirk a high ROI gig because it overwhelms or intimidates, try one (or all!) of the following creative breakthrough strategies:

1. Don't Let the Past Predict Your Future. Just because you've never been able to move past your fears before doesn't mean you're destined to stay stuck forever. Rely on two time-honored clichs: 1) "There's a first time for everything!" and 2) "There's no better time than the present!" Then take that leap to the next level with a heart-thumping, "Geronimo!"

2. Take Advantage of Your Multiple Personality Disorder. Entrepreneur-types have too many moods to count. Why not call upon one of your bolder, TAKE NO PRISONERS personas to conquer your next big challenge? Go with a power tie, alpha-level eye contact, or a striking accessory to help you stay in character. (Gotta do what you gotta do!)

3. Bribe Yourself. Want a new laptop? The latest gadget? A lavish spa day? Make a shrewd deal with the chicken within! Tell yourself if you move beyond whatever's intimidating you, you will EARN the gift you covet. Don't cheat on this one, kids - or else your gift will be marked by the eternal stench of dirty booty, and nothing gets that smell out.

4. Focus on the Bragging Rights. Okay, so you're fearful of failure, unsure of the unknown, tapped for time, or nookered by negativity. Step back for a second and imagine yourself on the other side of things. Are you proud? Smiling? Merry-making with friends, family, or business associates who are doting on your latest accomplishment? Well GO ON, then, hop to it! The accolades are even sweeter in real time.

5. Manipulate the Time/Space Continuum. Impossible, you say? Ha! We do it all the time! Simply write down your mind's nagging to-do list. Now, instead of assuming the list is meant for an aggressive deadline - like a certain day, week, or month - trust that it serves your highly personalized overarching goals and timeline. Then do what YOU want WHEN you want for a week. You'll be surprised how many things on your list become irrelevant.

6. When All Else Fails, Invoke Objective Perspective. Most opportunities in business don't actually go away - we just think they do. Hey - life happens. Things get postponed, other things take precedence...We all get sidetracked. The good news is, whether a big goal takes a week or a decade to accomplish is of little importance. It's whether YOU eventually reach it that counts.

Truth is, the highest payoff activity any business owner can do is to learn to kick fear to the curb. For your biggest ROI, start now!

About the author:

The founders of Epiphanies Inc., Lani and Allen Voivod, help budding entrepreneurs and small biz dynamos "A-Ha Themselves" in fun and profitable ways. For FREE articles, tips, and strategies, sign up for their "Inciter" ezine at!

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