By: Mariette Wingeier

Making pillowcases out of decorative fabrics is actually quite easy. You will find that this is a great project for beginners, as well as someone that has been sewing for quite a while. You will need a yard of fabric per pillowcase, and you if you want, when you are having your fabric measured and cut to purchase, you can ask them to cut the yardage in one yard increments. This will save you work when you get home, and most fabric stores are happy to do this for you. You will also need a serger, sewing machine, and thread that matches the fabric that you purchased. These instructions will make a pillowcase that will fit a queen or king size pillow. If you are wanting to make a pillowcase for a smaller pillow, you will need to cut your fabric accordingly.

1. Press Your Fabric

When you sew, you must press your fabric. This means dragging out the ironing board, and pressing your decorative fabric. Be careful not to stretch the fabric out of shape, and make sure that you are pressing and not ironing the fabric. Also, set your iron to the correct temp for the fabric that you purchased. You will not want to burn or scorch your fabric.

2. Cut Your Fabric

The next step for your pillowcases is to cut your decorative fabric. You will need a yard of fabric per pillowcase, if you had your fabric precut at the fabric store, you can skip this step, otherwise, you will need to measure out a yard, and cut it.

3. Fold Your Fabric

Next, you will want to fold your decorative fabric for your pillowcases in half. Selvage edge to selvage edge is the way that you should fold, and make sure the wrong side of the fabric is facing you. There is not any need to cut off the selvage edges, you can just chop them off with your serger as you sew that side together. But once you have folded your fabric in half, you might want to use a few pins. fabric is rather slippery, and you will find that you have more control over it if you pin it together. Make sure that you pin close to where you will want to serge, but not in the serging area. This will prevent you running over any pins and breaking your needle while you are sewing.

4. Serge the Selvage Edges of Your Fabric

Now you are ready to serge together the decorative fabric for your pillowcases. You will do this so that your serger will cut off the selvage edges, and your pins should guide you as where you will want to sew. Be sure that you sew straight so that you will not have a crooked pillowcase in the end.

5. Pin the Bottom

Next you will want to pin the bottom of the pillowcase together, so that you can serge the bottom of it closed. There are no selvage ends here to cut off while you sew, so you can determine where you would like to sew your line. Usually an inch from the raw edge is good.