MESDAN® S.p.A. from Italy is at the service of the worldwide textile industry since 1952 as an unrivalled leader in yarn splicing technology and key supplier of laboratory testing equipment.

The engines behind Mesdan’s reputation and fast growth originate in its outstanding technology and its capabilities to meet textile industry requirements with innovative solutions distinguished in quality and performance. A simple recipe at first glance, the ingredients that makes the difference are its specific know-how and competence, as well as a touch of Italian creativity.

Mesdan’s yarn knotters and splicers are produced in the automatic version (for instance, as an integral part of SAVIO winders) or as hand-operated units. Apart from spinning, weaving, knitting etc, Mesdan’s yarn splicers can be found virtually in any factory that has something to do with textiles, like tyre cord industry, sewing threads manufacturing, cable reinforcement, ropes & fishing nets, umbilicals, medical and disposable hygiene industry, technical yarns/roving (made of fibreglass, carbon fibre, aramid), automotive etc.

MESDAN-LAB is one of the very few textile laboratory equipment suppliers offering such a comprehensive range of testing equipment: for fibres, yarns, fabrics, nonwovens, garments – both physical analysis as well as dyeing and finishing assessment, including colour fastness testing. Mesdan-Lab does also supply standard consumables as well as calibration services. Nowadays a series of Mesdan- Lab equipment is considered a benchmark in textile testing, a reference standard.

At ITMA 2023 in Milan, MESDAN will display on the corporate VANDEWIELE stand in the Spinning Hall together with SAVIO, LOEPFE and SUPERBA, all under one roof.

VANDEWIELE will showcase their range of products in 4 locations:

Weaving hall (Hall 10 - stand B201)

Spinning hall (Hall 3 - stand B205)

Finishing hall (Hall 11 - stand C305)

Knitting hall (Hall 4 - stand D108)

This will be a world-première of such a strong corporate presentation.

At ITMA 2023 MESDAN will highlight:

new mechatronic splicer

new cotton fibre testing equipment

new yarn and fabric testing equipment

new lab-scale shredding machine

The new shredding machine is complementing the well-known Mini-Spinning line, extending its applications towards one of the most important trends: textile recycling.

Looking forward to seeing you in in Milan during June 8-14 in Hall 3 – stand B205c

Being the exclusive distributor in the Western part of Europe of THERMETRICS (famous US manufacturer of measuring equipment for the Thermal & Psychological comfort of fabrics and garments), MESDAN will be present also on THERMETRICS booth, Hall 4 – stand D318.