Devanshi Dyes & Chemicals, also known as Devanshi Gum & Auxiliaries, is a prominent manufacturer of textile printing thickener, reactive dyes and textile auxiliaries in India. This three-generation family business boasts over a century of experience in the chemical industry, serving a diverse range of industries worldwide.

Our headquarters is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We expanded our operations in 1999 to include the manufacturing of textile dyes and chemicals. We have built a robust global presence, with a particular emphasis on the US market.

Our Principles and Ethics

Devanshi Gum & Auxiliaries is anchored by a philosophy of fairness. We strictly adhere to a set of four guiding business principles—Innovation, People First, Trust, and Excellent Customer Service—that our management board and employees of all levels relentlessly follow.

Offered Products

   Guar Gum for textile printing

   Reactive dyes

   All types of textile auxiliaries

Our Mission and Vision

We aim to create lasting value for all our stakeholders by embedding innovation, excellence, collaboration, integrity, and customer focus into all our operations. Our vision guides us to be the go-to specialty chemicals company, innovating for a safer, better future.

Our Brand Purpose

We commit to enriching life through chemistry in a responsible manner.

Our Commitment to The Textile Industry

Recognising the textile industry’s need for timely service and precision quality, we pride ourselves on delivering customised, satisfactory results with our customer based innovative products. Our commitment to client satisfaction underscores our global success and positions us as a trusted partner in the textile industry.

This amalgamation of experience, innovation, and dedication makes Devanshi Dyes & Chemicals a distinguished player in the global chemical manufacturing industry.